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Jun 21st, 2009 12:05:08 am - Subscribe

What could be the driving-force to popularize a gadget than making it colorful? This is what Transcend did with its all-in-one USB card reader P8. The high-profile card reader is now shiny with baby blue and pearl pink colors appealing to the trendy customers who want to boost their lifestyles with modern gadgets.

The P8 is a compact card reader. It measures 77.7mm x 46mm x 15.8mm. The all-in-one card reader features a streamlined design with well-noticed rounded edges. The color combinations symbolize the design while enabling the customers to personalize the device to reflect their preferences. The highly portablecard reader has well-mentioned slots to avoid confusion and unnecessary time consumption.

The all-in-one card reader supports photo recovery software to restore lost or scratched files like documents, spreadsheets, music or videos. The Transcend P8 card reader is more appealing ever before because of its unique shape, color combination, stylish design and functionalities.

Austin Huang, the Regional Head, Sales at Transcend’s SAARC & APAC divisions explained, “Featuring an all-new glossy pearlescent finish, these scrumptious new colors are certain to be the life of the party. Its extra-convenient design, attractive colors, and time-saving photo recovery software, Transcend’s versatile P8 card reader is an ideal companion for any memory card user.”

The card reader is compatible with Transcend service network and high-speed USB 2.0 specification. It features an LED, which shows data traffic and card insertion. As of now, the card reader is available in four colors. These are white (P8W), baby blue (P8A), pearly pink (P8R) and black (P8K) colors.

Transcend has hit the Indian market with the unveiling of its latest, stylish P8 All-In-One USB Card Reader that comes featured with a smooth design with round edges. The latest compact device is user-friendly and simple to carry.

Measured just 77.7mm x 46mm x 15.8mm, the Transcend P8 boasts clearly labeled card slots and for a mega-fast transfer of videos, music, photos or documents, users just need to plug it into any USB2.0 port. In addition, the P8 Card Reader comes built-in with free photo recovery software that allows easy and quick previews of the recovered data. Rest-oring damaged or lost files remains only a click away.

with today’s sophisticated digital cameras that include many complex functions, it is pretty common to press the wrong button and accidentally delete a picture or file that you wanted to keep. Transcend now has a solution that offers piece of mind and extra convenience for memory card users – the versatile P8 USB card reader.”

Adding more to the points, he said, “Now files and photos previously thought erased for good can be quickly recovered through the P8 card reader’s innovative Photo Recovery Tool. We are confident that our customers will appreciate the intuitive functionality.”

As the features, the photo recovery software including P8 claims to offer a user-friendly and trouble-free interface, which allows users to protect traces of erased files from the memory card.
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