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cartoon phone

Jun 20th, 2009 11:58:14 pm - Subscribe

What could be the driving-force to popularize a gadget than making it colorful? This is what Transcend did with its all-in-one USB card reader P8. The high-profile card reader is now shiny with baby blue and pearl pink colors appealing to the trendy customers who want to boost their lifestyles with modern gadgets.

The P8 is a compact card reader. It measures 77.7mm x 46mm x 15.8mm. The all-in-one card reader features a streamlined design with well-noticed rounded edges. The color combinations symbolize the design while enabling the customers to personalize the device to reflect their preferences. The highly portablecard reader has well-mentioned slots to avoid confusion and unnecessary time consumption.

The all-in-one card reader supports photo recovery software to restore lost or scratched files like documents, spreadsheets, music or videos. The Transcend P8 card reader is more appealing ever before because of its unique shape, color combination, stylish design and functionalities.

Austin Huang, the Regional Head, Sales at Transcend’s SAARC & APAC divisions explained, “Featuring an all-new glossy pearlescent finish, these scrumptious new colors are certain to be the life of the party. Its extra-convenient design, attractive colors, and time-saving photo recovery software, Transcend’s versatile P8 card reader is an ideal companion for any memory card user.”

The card reader is compatible with Transcend service network and high-speed USB 2.0 specification. It features an LED, which shows data traffic and card insertion. As of now, the card reader is available in four colors. These are white (P8W), baby blue (P8A), pearly pink (P8R) and black (P8K) colors.

Transcend has hit the Indian market with the unveiling of its latest, stylish P8 All-In-One USB Card Reader that comes featured with a smooth design with round edges. The latest compact device is user-friendly and simple to carry.

Measured just 77.7mm x 46mm x 15.8mm, the Transcend P8 boasts clearly labeled card slots and for a mega-fast transfer of videos, music, photos or documents, users just need to plug it into any USB2.0 port. In addition, the P8 Card Reader comes built-in with free photo recovery software that allows easy and quick previews of the recovered data. Rest-oring damaged or lost files remains only a click away.

with today’s sophisticated digital cameras that include many complex functions, it is pretty common to press the wrong button and accidentally delete a picture or file that you wanted to keep. Transcend now has a solution that offers piece of mind and extra convenience for memory card users – the versatile P8 USB card reader.”

Adding more to the points, he said, “Now files and photos previously thought erased for good can be quickly recovered through the P8 card reader’s innovative Photo Recovery Tool. We are confident that our customers will appreciate the intuitive functionality.”

As the features, the photo recovery software including P8 claims to offer a user-friendly and trouble-free interface, which allows users to protect traces of erased files from the memory card.
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Jun 16th, 2009 10:01:13 pm - Subscribe

Housed in a metallic silver-and-black casing with a rubber base, the $300 Belkin Bluetooth GPS is more about performance than style. Three tiny LEDs located on the front bezel indicate Bluetooth connectivity, satellite status, and battery power, while the right side of the unit contains the power switch, the power and external antenna jacks, and a GPS-sensitivity switch that selects between Standard and high-sensitivity XTrac modes. The unit itself weighs a little more than 3 ounces and measures just 2.8 by 1.5 by 1.25 inches, so it fits easily in your pocket. Unfortunately, if you're hiking, you have to hold the receiver in one hand and the handheld in the other, which means both hands are occupied, making it difficult to navigate to your destination. In addition, the lack of a vehicle-mounting device (a vent mount is available for $20) causes the unit to slide around when it is on a dashboard.

Belkin's navigation software is fairly easy to use, and it supports voice and visual turn-by-turn driving directions (note: Palm software must be purchased separately). You can load maps by state or city, rather than drawing a map region on your own. Once you've selected a city, you can choose between five preset radius selections (25 to 125 miles), depending on the amount of memory available on your PDA; for example, the New York tristate region required a hefty 35MB of memory. The software creates driving routes based on the quickest or shortest route available, with a choice between major or local roadways. You can also avoid unnecessary turns and toll roads whenever possible. To navigate to points of interest (POI), including airports, gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, and more, select the POI menu or simply tap a POI icon on the map. In addition tothe bluetooth GPS receiver and the software, the kit contains both AC and DC (cigarette lighter) power adapters.

Wireless GPS receiver using Bluetooth wireless technology
New Ambicom Technology's Bluetooth GPS receiver is a Global Position System Receiver by Bluetooth technology, which can communicate with Host Platform via Bluetooth Serial Profile.

You can take advantage of any Bluetooth enabled PDA to add GPS positioning technology, vehicle tracking or marine navigation anytime.

Support 54-Channel tracking adopting SkytTraq GPS chip

Superior Sensitivity -159dBm with Fast TTFF

Ambicom Technology, BT112G-GPS Bluetooth GPS receiver provides rechargeable removable lithium-ion battery lasts for 8 hours of use and quick cold start and fast TTFF performance

Support NMEA0183 data protocol or SkyTraq binary code

54 - channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver for fast acquisition and reacquisition

Anti-Slip back pad for a secure placement

We were amazed by the satellite reception obtained on our Asus MyPal A716 test device while the receiver was in XTrac mode. It's rare to lock on to even one satellite while indoors, but the Belkin unit managed four strong signals in just 35 seconds. On the streets of Manhattan, we were equally impressed, as the unit maintained a 3D fix in areas where other GPS devices faltered. Our driving experience was exceptional as well. The Belkin GPS tracked our every move accurately, and its driving directions were on the money. The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery provided close to 11 hours of juice (exceeding the rated 10 hours) before the power LED flashed red, signaling that the power was low.

Like the step-down UNB7000 series, the UNB8000 uses a so-called edge-lit LED backlight system, which lets it achieve such a thin cabinet depth. The downside is that it can't use the local dimming technology we liked so much on the A950 series. We've never tested an edge-lit LED display, so we're anxious to check it out in the lab.

From the specification sheet, the major step-up of these HDTVs over the step-downB7000 series is the 240Hz refresh rate. We've covered 120Hz technology extensively before, and we expect 240Hz to offer similar advantages. The major area for improvement is the associated dejudder processing, particularly eliminating annoying artifacts and making the processing look more natural.

The rest of the features are available on theB7000 step-down models. As mentioned, the sets are superslim, coming in about one inch thick, and also feature Samsung's "Ultra Clear" panel, designed to reduce reflection and increase contrast. Built-in Ethernet enables access to Samsung's new Internet@TV platform, giving users access to Yahoo widgets, which deliver content from services such as Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, USA Today, YouTube, Showtime, and others. The B8000 series is also Wi-Fi-ready, but you'll need to purchase an additional adapter. Finally, the sets are compliant with the new Energy Star 3.0 specification, although it seems like almost all the new HDTVs at CES are.

Of course, it's also likely that this series will offer different image quality from the other series, so you'll have to wait for our full review to see how it stacks up. Last year's Samsung LN46A950 was one of our highest rated LCDs of the year, so theB8000 series has high expectations.

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Jun 16th, 2009 12:19:26 am - Subscribe

I was in June last year. Use a quick 1 year, I never had any problem. It USES all-black yakeli positive and top aluminum drawing technology The perfect combination, make machines filled with vogue. According to the different consumers, VX757 new operation habit of using push-button operation, Very convenient. Fuselage of positive point, also highlighted the taste. In addition, the machine adopts the high processing speed VX757 400MHZ inside Nuclear chip, enough to meet directly on the RM/RMVB format support and quickly get the Real official authorization. Broadcast movie very smooth, but not Need transformation format. It has powerful functions of recording, and can be used to study English.

Can listen to the radio station song function. Other aspects It support MP3, WMA, various formats songs played, high-speed USB interface, games, double 2.0 thread task, support, and pictures showed clear LRC England lyrics Knocking, text, hd audio, FM radio basic function, etc. And can support a maximum of Micro 32GB SD (TF) card (SDHC, high Capacity expansion card). The chip processing make less power can play music machine for 18 hours () or remains 7 hours Video from the worries of 3000ibs. Video formats are widescreen and RMVB video player most hot topic, industry VX757 just hold the selling point, dye-in-the-wood really, not only the exterior common widescreen in audio and video performance and outstanding, the price is very good 4GB capacity, is suitable for the students.

Not long after ONDA dropped the widescreen VX747, it’s also introducing a tastier-looking successor, the VX757. This new PMP has a rather odd display configuration: 16:10 aspect ration. We know wide screen is 16:9, but what is 16:10? Obviously ONDA has some explaining why they are supporting the same aspect ratio as Apple Cinema HD, and we’d get you all the juicy details once it comes in. The details for now are as follows: 3.0-inch touch screen like the VX747, RM / RMVB/ APE / FLAC, support for 32GB SD card.


Onda is back with a new player, the VX767, very similar to the previous VX757, but the main differences are the bigger 4.3inch 16:9 screen and features a TV-Out. This player is NOT touch-screen, some websites had erroneous informations about this. The build is very nice, the player feel solid in your hand.


The design of theVX767 is simple and low-profile, the buttons doesn't stand out to be seen very clearly, but i think this is the goal for this player, so you're not distracted by the buttons while you watch videos.


The VX767's screen is one of the biggest on the PMPs market right now, 4.3inch, 16:9 TFT screen, with a resolution of 480×272, even i was surprised at its size at the beginning!
Onda VX767

The Graphic User Interface is practically the same as on the VX757, with as a new feature added, a TV Out function. The 4 default backgrounds are very colorful, but you can change all backgrounds with pictures you can add on the player (in Picture folder). I've also found that the screen turn off even when connected on the USB cable on your computer! (the VX747's screen doesn't turn off when connected), which is a good thing when you just want to charge your player via your computer USB port and you don't want the screen to be always on (it can be dangerous to let a screen on for a long period of time without anything moving on this screen).
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TV mobile phone

Jun 15th, 2009 2:25:47 am - Subscribe

MobiTV, one of the leading television and digital radio service providers for mobile phone users has scripted a glorious record in its corporate history by registering more than seven million mobile customers for its unique TV and Radio services.

The success shows MobiTV’s growing popularity in the USA. As of now, there are more than 350 headsets accessing to MobiTV service through more than 20 popular mobile networks. Some of the notable mobile service provider, who offer MobiTV service are Sprint, AT&T and Alltel. The Canadian customers enjoy this service over Bell Canada, Rogers and TELUS Mobility networks.

MobiTV has disclosed its empathetic success being the popular service provider for mobile television and video-on-demand service. The service provider has the record of streaming billions of minutes a year by showing popular TV channels including MSNBC, ABC News Now, CNN, Fox News, Fox Sports, ESPN Mobile TV, NBC Mobile, CNBC, CSPAN, Discovery Channel, TLC, The Weather Channel. It also shows cartoon channels to entertain the kids.

MobiTV has registered nearly two million new customers in the last six months. It shows increase in demand for mobile television services in the market. Being the leading player in this segment, MobiTV continues to offer useful content to the customers. It keeps the mobile TV service provider to give tough competition to its rivals such as MediaFLO, MobileCDN, SlingBox’s SlingPlayer Mobile, MyWaves, Nunet, RhythmNewMedia and QuickPlay Media.

MobiTV’s telecast of March Madness for the iPhone users got very good response in the market. It helped the service provider to attract new customers. The March Madness was telecast in collaboration with CBS Sports.

The achievement of seven million mark will always motivate mobiTV to further strengthen its base in the market by coming up with more innovative offers for the customers

The LG Invision is the third phone added to AT&T’s line up since the inception of AT&T’s live streaming mobile TV service. The other two are LG Vu and Samsung Access. The Invision offers the features similar to Access but it also adds the 3G compatibility at affordable price of $79.99 with two year service agreement.

The Invision is 2.08 inches wide, 4.05 inches tall and 0.47 inch thick. The Invision shares its design features with Samsung Access but it is also among the thinnest mobiles available in the market. The device is all black with chrome edging and rubberized back panel, which allows you to have a firm grip. The Invision’s 2.2-inch display is smaller than the 2.29-inch display of Access. The display offers a resolution of 320×240 pixels.

The Invision offers all the basic features that are offered by any other cell phone in the market. These features include phonebook with 500 contacts capacity, speakerphone, text and MMS, vibrate mode, calculator along with tip calculator, alarm clock, calendar, notepad, unit converter etc. The device also has a lot of advanced features to please the users, which include stereo Bluetooth, IM with AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger, voice command, and mobile e-mail which include the AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo, Bellsouth, AOL and AT&T. The Invision also sports a wireless Web browser.

The Invision’s prime attraction is the AT&T’s Mobile TV. The Mobile TV features programs from content providers like CBS, ESPN, Comedy Central, etc. The basic package from these providers will cost you $15 per month but if you opt for Mobile TV along with unlimited Web browsing and Cellular Video, you will have to pay $30 a month. The content providers like CBS Mobile, Fox Mobile, NBC 2 Go, and NBC News 2 Go offers the package for $13 a month.

With the 3G support of Invision, you can enjoy the AT&T’s services which include AT&T’s Cellular Video, AT&T Mobile Music. You can download and purchase music from providers like Napster and eMusic. In addition to these services, you also access XM Radio Mobile, MusicID, a Billboard Mobile channel, and a music fan community. The device also offers support for AT&T’s Video Share. The Video Share enables you with live video calls.

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Jun 14th, 2009 2:25:30 am - Subscribe

The customers have now shown their great interest towards slimmer devices, be it mobile or media player. The slimmer gadgets have special appeal in the market. Here is a slimmer device, Latte iVU MP4 Player.

The 4 GB Latte iVuMP4 player is bundled up with latest multimedia features to lure the customers. The device is very light, so the customers can take it where they like and enjoy music, video and many more things.

The MP4 player features a 3.0inch TFT display color screen with speakers on the front sides. It comes with useful buttons such as power on, power off, hold and esc to enable customers to customize the music and video. It also features 3.5 mm standard jack and a standard mini USB port.

With Latte iVu MP4 player, you can enjoy a host of multimedia applications such as music, video, camera, radio, photo, eBook and record. You can explore these features form the menu. The device is user-friendly.

Coming to the music, the MP4 device supports most of the audio formats including MP3, WMA, APE, AAC and FLAC. It also supports PLAY FX. It provides Repeat mode as well as play mode. The MSEQ features let the customers to enjoy 3D contents. The sound quality is excellent. The device enables the customers to listen to music while they are viewing photos or read texts.

Coming to the video features, the device can support video files such as The iVu supports AVI, RM, RMVB and FLV. The video quality is impressive. The MP4 features a 2 MP camera. It enables customers to view the images in slide show. The device also comes with an in-built FM transmitter. You can record and store songs directly from FM.

The 4 GB Latte iVu MP4 Player is now available. Its price is Rs.6999.

All and sundry is looking passionate these days about the latest state-of-the-art gadgets and gizmos such as super-slim MP4 players, which claims to do almost everything apart from shooting laser beams, sophisticated toy robots with artificial intellect that boasts of being smar-ter than your math tutor and are capable of changing into racing cars, micro RC helicopters that are too tiny to be maneuvered in a shoebox as well as USB turntables which are capable of shrinking your vast record collection down to the size of a micro chip.

The newest player to hit the selves is “an ultra portable car media player with FM transmitter function.” The latest Plug-in Car MP4 Player is all but normal with the 4GB included memory. China seems to be laying its hands on all of the apparently unwanted devices, be they good or bad.

Even if this is called an MP4 player, it just gives support to WMA and MP3 for audio and AMV for video. It goes without saying that the Plug-in Car MP4 Player can only be used in a car for the reason that there is not any other power source. Even then if you think that the MP4 has grabbed your attention, leap forward and pick one up by just paying $29.88.
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