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About me:

Hello! I'm Teddy, the Yorkie. My birthday is: 22nd January 2006. I weigh 3.35kg. I live with my mummy, and family in England. I have some great Aunties who love me and a brother called Ozzy and a sister called Phoebe. They are cats.

I love my mummy. I did most of my blog myself (My keyboard skills are excellent!) and she helped me a little.

My website has had this number of visitors since 26/04/06:

Woof! Thank you for visiting!!

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Milo - Another new friend 02/Sep/2007 - Subscribe
Mood | Contented
Teddy the Yorkie | Lots of friends

I just thought I would update my blog to tell you all about my new friend, Milo. He is a springer spaniel (Like Suzie!). He is Auntie Lauren's dog. He was rescued because nasty people left him in a cardboard box and it got all wet. So he got mange and scabby skin. So they saved him and got medicine for his skin and now he is all better and growing up fast. He is very bouncy and quick on his feet. I will post some pics soon when we go walking together again!

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Swimming! 26/Jun/2007 - Subscribe
Mood | Bouncy
Teddy the Yorkie | "Harley, stop jumping on me!!!"

Hi Teddy fans,

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, i've been so busy with my new friend! Well, I told you that Harley was coming and boy he's here! He is the bounciest little doggy i've ever met!

Ain't he cute!?!?!


Harley has a parot too!

Yesterday we went for a walkies to the lake. It was quite muddy and Auntie Nicki threw Harley's little football into the lake. Harley went to get it and I followed. I went as far as my long lead would let me and I got all wet, but we dried off on the walk home because the sun came out! I like the water, maybe mummy will take me swimming? Ah! She says if i like water that much I can have a bath! Damnit! angry.gif

In the lake!

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Tomorrow... 03/May/2007 - Subscribe
Mood | Excited
Teddy the Yorkie | Getting a new friend!

Tomorrow Harley my new doggy friend is arriving with my Auntie Tanya. Mummy says I get to meet him on Saturday, and we get to play in the garden together. Then in the afternoon we are going to the Vets sad.gif And we are having our injections. Oh well, gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess!

Im excited though! And best of all, Mummy has given my horrible crate to Auntie Tan so that Harley can sleep in it while he's growing up. YES! Mummy doesn't put me in it anymore but I HATE that crate!

Can't wait to see my new friend!

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A new friend! 03/Apr/2007 - Subscribe
Mood | Excited!
Teddy the Yorkie | YAY!

WOW! Guess what Teddy fans? Im going to have a new friend! My Auntie Tanya is getting a black labrador puppy soon, so he will be my friend! Auntie Tan wants to call him "Harley". I think that's a cool name!


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What a fun day! 09/Mar/2007 - Subscribe
Mood | Worn out!
Teddy the Yorkie | I love Suzie!

WOW! I had such a great day today! Suzie was next door, as the neighbours had a visitor and she jumped over our fence into our garden. We had such fun!

We ran all around and chased each other. I wore Suzie out, and she stopped playing. I had to bark at her to get her to keep playing!

*KISS* grin.gif

Mummy says Suzie is a really good girl cos she is obedient and does everything shes told! Mummy says that Suzie is my new girlfriend! I hope she comes to visit me more... maybe we can go for a date to Hatfield Forest!

Beautiful Suzie

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