Why Less is More, and How to Get More of It
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It's wonderful.

How simple is your life right now?

I've been having some ideas about how to make my life simpler.

I'll share one of them on here - to make remembering it simpler.

But first, where does increasing simplicity come in most handy in a person's life?

You got it.

With anything in your life that is complicated or messy.

Let's look at one quick example.

Ever have a sink full of dirty dishes?

Ever have one really full of dishes, some of which were used a day or two prior?

Ever have this problem on a fairly regularly basis?

How about today?

This problem is common for people who have roommates.

Here's an idea that will help with this problem area. In fact, this will not only help with this area, but offer a few other great benefits for everyone paying rent as well.

Here's what it looks like for my household.

There are four people rooming in our town home.

How many plates do we NEED?

(Keep in mind a good dish can be used over and over again - no problem.)

That's right.

We only need 4 plates.

Just 4.

Do you know how many we have / and cycle through / from day to day / week to week?


Yeah. It's silly.

We also have about 20 coffee cups. And only 3 of us actually drink coffee*

You get the picture.

Sure, you'll want to have a few extras around for guests. Let's put those aside for the moment.


Here goes.

Buy a set of four plates, bowels and cups. Each a different color.

(you can find sets like these at department stores like Target and Walmart.)

Still with me?

Now each person gets a different color set that is his or her set.

Now when someone leaves a dish in the sink, you know exactly whose it is.

Done deal.

(None of that, I don't remember using any of these 7 bowels in the sink - must be you guys.

Okay. No one in our house actually says anything like this literally, but it's often what ends up actually happening.)

Alright, here's where it gets even better.

Get a dry rack.

What am I saying. You surely already have one already.


I mean use it PRIMARILY.

Unless for some reason you really NEED TO put something in the dish washes (and how often is that, if ever? Keep in mind, it uses hot water and soap just like you), clean your plate, bowel and cup after using them each time and then let them dry on the dry rack.

(Even get a dry rack that has room for each persons set / four sections. This way, putting them away is not even an issue.

Not bad eh?)

Have each person in the pad do this.


Even in the worse case scenario, if EVERYONE uses all four of their items and leaves them in the sink, that's only 4 plates, 4 bowels and 4 cups in the sink.

(and you know who you are.)

The worse it can be is... each person has three things to wash*

Real nightmare scenario, huh?



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Strong Internal Compass (feels like superpowers)
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It feels like superpowers. As if you secretly could walk through walls, teleport or fly. As if you secretly were bullet proof or stayed young forever.

That's what it feels like to have a strong sense of what you're life is about, be organized and firm in your thoughts about it, for it to appeal to the core of who you are, and have a clear and workable game plan for bringing it about - for living it out.

As a man, that's how it feels to know what you're about, have clarity in purpose and plan. Know your values. It feels "bad ass." That might sound silly, simple or even "Neanderthal" to some, but not for those that have taken the time to gain this kind of clarity.

The reason it feels great is because it's affirming to one's nature to be at one with life and clear on how to live life in a full way in one's unique circumstances.

I've got two things that primarily provide this for me in my life.

A Macro Vision and a Micro Vision.

The Macro Vision is the larger overall Vision I've developed for my life; basically like a Mission Statement.

The Micro Vision breaks things down to what it looks like to have a Full Day according to this vision.

Both can be summarized in a few sentences and also fleshed out into several paragraphs.

I'm gonna come back here and go over my Macro Vision and Micro Vision again. I'll also accompany the Micro Vision with three tips I've found to be invaluable for helping me make the most of my time.

As always, I'm mainly journaling all of this for my own personal growth. However, am more than happy for anyone else to benefit from it.

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Top 10 Ways to Meet the Woman/Man of Your Dreams
Date: Oct 13th, 2007 11:03:42 pm - Subscribe
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Published by idatemodels at 10:26 am

I was walking to the store one day and happened upon a broken down bus full of Supermodels. They instantly realized that I was a really cool and unique guy, many of them professed their love for me, but alas I had to pick one. Out of the two dozen beauties, I chose the one I liked best, she was everything I had ever dreamed of, she loved beer, football and even enjoyed watching me play video games. I asked her to marry me, she said yes and since then everything has been perfect.

Unfortunately everything after “I was walking to the store one day” is not true. In fact life doesn’t work like that, because if it did we’d all be dating supermodels, and driving million dollar cars.

Together lets say it out loud: “my dream girl Is NOT Going to fall into my lap” furthermore nothing falls in your lap not your dream job, not your dream car, nothing you dream of. It’s going to take “effort” and “dedication” if you don’t think you have those then you should stop reading and head over www.collegehumor.com and waste some time watching pointless videos of stupid undergrads.

Still with me? Good. Relationships, Jobs, Life the list goes on. these things all have one thing in common. If you want a good one you are going to have to step out of your comfort level, you are going to have stop doing what you are doing and make something out of yourself. Grab your balls (or ovaries) and let’s go

10 ways to meet the person of your dreams:

1. Are you a Runner? a Baseball player? Into cars? You probably won’t meet a person with similar interests at clubs and bars. There are too many people there and the odds are not stacked in your favour. So let’s stack the odds, how? By joining a community group, association, or a start attending events that are all related to what interests you. Meet someone that is interested in fine art at a art show, wine at a wine tasting, baseball at a baseball game. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Oh wait, not at all.

2. Smile. I’m serious, when you are out in public you should be smiling, I’m not suggesting a Cheshire grin., that would probably creep people out. What I am suggesting is a subtle smirk. Make eye contact with people and everyone around will start to wonder “who is this really confident guy? why is he smiling?” you’ll get them thinking and at the moment you see that beautiful person at the grocery store you’ll be able to make your approach with ease.

3. Update your wardrobe. Now you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on clothing to look like a celebrity. What you have to do is update your ward robe. Add a nice pair of shoes, a few dress shirts and some slender fitting clothing. You want to accentuate your features and hide your flaws.

4. Get out. Get out. Get out. Too many of us fall into routines. We go home from work, we make dinner, we watch TV, go to bed and repeat. Life can trap you in a stalemate, don’t let yourself fall into this routine and if you are into a trap like this it’s time to break out. Go out with friends from work, go out and meet people, join a club or a team. Get off the internet/the couch/your ass and go meet people, go increase your social circle. Improve your life, enhance your character and increase your odds of meeting Mister or Miss Right.

5. Challenge yourself - Decide you want to meet 30 new people in 30 days, sign up for a 10km Run Clinic or a Marathon Clinic. Take a language class, learn a martial art. The list goes on. How does this help you find a soul mate? It will enhance your life and you’ll become more interesting and more attractive to the opposite sex.

6. Approach. There are dozens of ways to approach girls and guys. Hands down the best resource is The Mystery Method website. Magic Bullets is an excellent book and can’t be recommended highly enough. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this book. It’s not going to teach you magical secrets that will make women jump your bones. What it will teach you is how to become more attractive and more interesting and finally how to approach a total stranger without scaring them away. If you don’t believe it try and find a few episodes of “The Pick Up Artist” online. It will show you how one book can change the life of 10 nerdy guys.

7. Go to the Gym. If you look good you feel good and if you feel good your confidence will improve. People with higher self confidence are more attractive. 1+1=2 simple as that. Plus you’ll live longer and be better in the sack.

8. Online Dating. Millions of people are taking to the internet to find their match. With websites like lavalife.com and match.com you’ll increase your odds. Even facebook and myspace are great ways to meet girls and guys. You’ll have to brush up your on your online game but don’t worry we’ll have some posts about that in the future.

9. Be Unique. Throw on a fedora, buy and interesting piece of jewelery. If you look like everyone else you’ll be classified like everyone else. You don’t have to dress like a clown, but do/wear something that is unique to you. People will notice you and getting noticed is half the battle. As an experiment make a bracelet from coloured paperclips and wear it for a few days. Wait and see how many people comment on it AND when they do tell them it’s from Tiffanys or that it’s the newest trend (humour is key folks). I can’t tell you how many girls commented on my bracelet the last time I wore one out. It’s a conversation start and it shows you are fun and confident (the point is, it both insites interest and gives someone an excuse to converse with you and that's the only way anyone is going to begin to get to know you in the first place. Forget the fucking paperclips.)

10. Get out there! Put your ideas in to action.
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A Way of Life - How to Connect
Date: Oct 11th, 2007 3:45:47 pm - Subscribe
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Engaging people in compelling conversation: Strategies for the Recovering Wall-flower.

(To be Written...)
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Everyday starts the Night Before
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This is a really valuable insight. Think about this for a moment.

You've probably heard the saying, "Everyday is a new day."

It's a refreshing thought about each new day being another opportunity to make the most of life, start fresh and put your best foot forward.

What you may not have heard is that each new day starts the evening before.

Here's why this is true and valuable.

First and foremost, the most obvious part of this is in how getting to bed in a timely fashion to get a full night's rest is essential to making the next day go smoothly. Being well-rested leaves you with more energy, more able to think clearly and focus, and more able to manage stress (mentally, emotionally and physically.)

Here's the second reason.

The way you spend your evening before bed and whatever state it leaves you in as you go to sleep will effect the quality of your rest and your thoughts as you sleep. Having a good night or bad one and then going to sleep feeling a certain way because of it will likely carry over to your thoughts and feelings in waking up the next morning.

And so we see that the way we spend an evening the night before, is essential to our ability to start "fresh" the next day.

Compare watching a scary movie before bed with reading an inspiring novel. Which do you think will have a better effect on your quality of sleep and emotional state as you wake up?

And now you know why Everyday starts the Evening prior.
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