Why Less is More, and How to Get More of It
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It's wonderful.

How simple is your life right now?

I've been having some ideas about how to make my life simpler.

I'll share one of them on here - to make remembering it simpler.

But first, where does increasing simplicity come in most handy in a person's life?

You got it.

With anything in your life that is complicated or messy.

Let's look at one quick example.

Ever have a sink full of dirty dishes?

Ever have one really full of dishes, some of which were used a day or two prior?

Ever have this problem on a fairly regularly basis?

How about today?

This problem is common for people who have roommates.

Here's an idea that will help with this problem area. In fact, this will not only help with this area, but offer a few other great benefits for everyone paying rent as well.

Here's what it looks like for my household.

There are four people rooming in our town home.

How many plates do we NEED?

(Keep in mind a good dish can be used over and over again - no problem.)

That's right.

We only need 4 plates.

Just 4.

Do you know how many we have / and cycle through / from day to day / week to week?


Yeah. It's silly.

We also have about 20 coffee cups. And only 3 of us actually drink coffee*

You get the picture.

Sure, you'll want to have a few extras around for guests. Let's put those aside for the moment.


Here goes.

Buy a set of four plates, bowels and cups. Each a different color.

(you can find sets like these at department stores like Target and Walmart.)

Still with me?

Now each person gets a different color set that is his or her set.

Now when someone leaves a dish in the sink, you know exactly whose it is.

Done deal.

(None of that, I don't remember using any of these 7 bowels in the sink - must be you guys.

Okay. No one in our house actually says anything like this literally, but it's often what ends up actually happening.)

Alright, here's where it gets even better.

Get a dry rack.

What am I saying. You surely already have one already.


I mean use it PRIMARILY.

Unless for some reason you really NEED TO put something in the dish washes (and how often is that, if ever? Keep in mind, it uses hot water and soap just like you), clean your plate, bowel and cup after using them each time and then let them dry on the dry rack.

(Even get a dry rack that has room for each persons set / four sections. This way, putting them away is not even an issue.

Not bad eh?)

Have each person in the pad do this.


Even in the worse case scenario, if EVERYONE uses all four of their items and leaves them in the sink, that's only 4 plates, 4 bowels and 4 cups in the sink.

(and you know who you are.)

The worse it can be is... each person has three things to wash*

Real nightmare scenario, huh?



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