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(This blog part of a school project)

This blog is going to talk about the book The Farm, written by Emily McKay. Basically summed up, some evil monsters are infecting the planet that only attack people under 18. Survivors stay in camps called farms. As part of a review by Chloe Neill, it is somewhat "equal parts resident evil and the hunger games- and just as thrilling." In the next posts a big summary, plot description, and characters will be explained.

thefarm Bigger Summary Part 1 Mar 12th, 2013 11:28:39 pm - Subscribe
Part 1 of the summary: the escape.

Lily and Mel are twins. Mel is autistic though, so Lily has to take care of her. They both suspect that these so called farms (described in previous post) pretty much feed people to the "ticks" as the monsters are called. Some guy that Lily had a crush on in the 9th grade shows up at the camp and convinces the dean (head of the place) to allow them to escape. He doesn't want her to, because she could be an abductura (which I will explain later), but eventually agrees. Soon, however, upon escaping, the Dean wants them back and has all the guards attacking. They do manage to escape though, with "Stoner Joe" and his baby mom McKenna Wells.

thefarm Bigger Summary part 2 Mar 12th, 2013 11:31:29 pm - Subscribe
Part 2 of the summary: the flee.

After they are all out of the farm, they take a van with stolen gas and head for canada. They're with sebastian, some vampire guy who can actually detect a tick from miles away. However, he does not pick up some of the guards and the Dean coming for them, and when they show up, they kidnap Mel. After going down with a secret mission and a fight, they take Mel and escape to Canada, away from the horrible ticks.

thefarm What I think of the book Mar 12th, 2013 11:35:28 pm - Subscribe
What I think of the book "The Farm" by Emily McKay

It starts out as a wonderful, plot twisting yet deeply interesting book. Science fiction aswell as fantasy are very prominent. One can even recall the movie "I am Legend", where a simple Biological function that was changed, mutated and made people into monsters. It happened in this story too. But things in the book did start to get a little bit weird when it started talking about vampires and how they always existed. I'm not big on vampires- at all. That is why I never read Twilight. But the combination of them along with the ticks seemed to flow fairly well, and for that reason I don't see anything to complain about. Overall, the book is well worth the read, for anyone that likes something a bit of a cross of The Hunger Games and Resident Evil.

thefarm Lily Mar 12th, 2013 11:40:36 pm - Subscribe
Lily is the main character in the book, though there are chapters where the main narration is reversed. Nevertheless, she is the primary focus. Lily is a rebellious young lady who is extreamly mature at a young age due to the events in that lifetime. She spends a lot of effort into taking care of her sister Mel, who is autistic. She was willing to destroy everything in her path and murder the collabs (guards) at the farm to get her and Mel to saftey, away from there. She also has a major crush on Carter, who gets her off of the so called Farm. People other than Carter, Mel, and Joe seem to get on her nerves too easily, and she cannot stand breeders (people who get pregnant on the farm so they can escape easily) which makes her irritated for Joe making her escape with McKenna, his baby mom.