Spiders - 29th July 2008
Mood: Yacky

Had an amazing day a Tony's today.
As for the picture.... UGH, it was on my living room curtain this evening sad.gif
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Rain - 28th July 2008
Mood: Wet.

Ughhh sad.gif

MY road floods if it rains too much, so after tropical storms hit today, this was the outcome.
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Cinemaa, and Brian Ferry - 27th July 2008
Mood: Cool ;)

went to see The Dark Knight today, GO SEE IT!!
It's awesome.
Also acquired Brian Ferry's registration documents, dont ask how :p
Here they are grin.gif
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Designs - 26th July 2008
Mood: Productive

Well, this is a big step for me, i dont like showing off my drawings, but here are 2 of em.
The best ive done in a looooong time too grin.gif
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Swap, and Design - 25th July 2008
Mood: Okay

My swap came todayy, and heres the dreads that were in it, on my dog ^_^ She looks lovelyyy.

Also, i did a gorgeous fashion design today happy.gif
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