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Aliens or Meow Mix

Jun 29th, 2005 9:54:23 pm - Subscribe

For those who believe in aliens im totally with you. I have this article about how George Bush kissed an alien. Well dammit who doesnt believe that...

So Captain R. forced me to write this..on a scale from 1-100 i would give this a -8. -8 for fucking sucky.

If everyone in the world was amish i think it might be a better world. We could figure out how to sail to china on a horse. That would be amazing..another amazing this is corn nuggets. how bizarre! dang... fried corn in a thing of thing.i know that was profound...

Now about Meow Mix. if an alien were to come to the united states and want cat food he would totally pick meow mix just for the fact that iams is really good for you. I was eating iams one day and it was just sticking in my teeth and i was thinking "dang im eating this in hopes of an orgasm not for it to get stuck in my teeth."

The main point of this is to try and get kids to think about thinkable things to think about. This is for all of the people that have shit their pants over seeing aliens or have tried to eat iams cat food and got totally disgusted and wouldnt try meow mix. Give it a chance for once. if there is something you dont like, like something kinda like it but crappier. You will find your penis will ejaculate more often and longer.

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