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tinkerbell Going to Church - Subscribe
happy.gif I feel really proud of myself. Everyday I go to church because I feel closer to God. I feel more confident every Friday because there is a class for girls and one for the guys. Infront of girls, I feel like I can say anything. I also feel like I can express myself more than in front of guys. happy.gif tounge.gif eep.gif grin.gif wink.gif
Mood: proud

tinkerbell Hello Mar 12th, 2006 4:16:51 pm - Subscribe
happy.gif Hi everyone, how are you? There isn't anything really going on today: just school and softball. I really hope I make the team. I was in the team at my old school. I really love it even though sometimes I make a mistake. I learn from them, though. Hopefully I'll make it, but if I don't, that's all right. I'll try next year or the next time they have tryouts or join either soccer or basketball. I'm still thinking about it.
Mood: happy

tinkerbell What Happens at School Mar 22nd, 2006 8:50:12 pm - Subscribe
Everthing goes fine at school: great friends, and great teachers. The only thing that kills it is this one guy. He is a great friend, but the thing that bugs me about him is that he only talks to me in class. During nutriton and lunch he dosen't even say hi to me. I think that he thinks he's to cool for me. I also think that he gets embarrassed when he talks to me because nobody in his group likes me. The only girls he talks to are the girls that let guys touch them. I don't know whether to still be friends with him or not. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad.gif grin.gif cry.gif
Mood: bummed

tinkerbell Dance Mar 25th, 2006 7:54:21 pm - Subscribe
happy.gif Yesterday our school had a dance so my friends and I went. At first I felt bad because the kid that I wrote about in my last entrie promised that he was going to dance with me, but did he dance with me . . . NO! sad.gif He told me that supposably he didn't know how to dance. I guess he's not a true friend after all. My friends tried to cheer me up by asking guys if they wanted to dance with me. There were two guys that said yes. The first guy I didn't know who he was but he was an okay dancer. Then, I danced with my friends for at least 40 minuets. Then, my friend Elisa asked some guy that was two years older than me, and was really cute, to dance with me. I tried not to look at him, but then I felt that he grabed my hand and just started to dance with me. It was really cool!!!!!! I guess that my friends really did cheer me up. happy.gif sad.gif
Mood: cheered up

tinkerbell Bad News Mar 29th, 2006 9:54:16 pm - Subscribe
sad.gif cry.gif Today when I was coming to fourth peroid, which is gym, my friend told me that she had made the softball team. I got excited to see if I had made it also. I got dressed and asked the teacher where the paper was posted. She said that it was outside so I checked if my name was on it, and it wasn't. I couldn't believe that I didn't make the team. I got sad but I didn't cry because I said to myself that I could always try next year. I thought that I did really good but I guess I needed to do better. Oh well. happy.gif sad.gif cry.gif eep.gif
Mood: horrible