kingdom hearts
Date: Aug 26th, 2006 4:00:23 pm - Subscribe
Mood: whatever

hey everybody if you like kingdom hearts then scroll down and watch the kingdom hearts ending. when you are done comment me and tell me what you thought about it
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audrey - August 26th, 2006
The Kingdom Hearts clip wasn't working for me, but oh well ;p Good luck not getting lost in your new school! I'm also going to a different school this year, and it's also pretty big, compared to my old one.


tinkerbell - August 27th, 2006
It works now! YAY! grin.gif

khearts - September 03rd, 2006
Sorry but thanks a lot ! I will end this game myself and view it later when it goes the end ! I've allready end the KH2 and the ending wasn't very good ! But i cant watch the ending movie...


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