Its not that bad
Date: Aug 30th, 2006 11:35:07 am - Subscribe
Mood: better

On monday I went to chek out the school that I will be going to. I wasn't that bad but it looks like i can get lost pretty easy. since my brother went there for sixth and seventh grade which was like three years ago he doesn't remember that much. they sent me a paper by mail to tell me my homeroom number and i found out that it was in the front of the school so that was easy. now I have to figure out where the rest of my classes are. I hope i make friends.
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marlene - August 30th, 2006
Good luck. happy.gif


perfect110 - August 30th, 2006
Good luck with school, I am sure that is very stressful. I hope you make some good friends too. perfect~


7thbrain - September 04th, 2006
it won't be too bad. don't stress it. happy.gif


david - September 24th, 2006
Nice video, shoes are too big though, they look like clown shoes. happy.gif


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