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Aidilfitri Wishes From TLFC U-10 Boys' Team
Oct 1st, 2007 4:15:00 pm - Subscribe

Hello, I'm Samuel Papaya, Assistant Public Relations Officer at the TLFC HQ, and I'm here at the TLFC training ground.

In two weeks, Muslims the world over celebrate Eid Ul-Fitr, to mark one month of fasting and abstinence. TLFC wishes to extend its warmest Aidilfitri wishes to its Muslim players, fans and staff.

This fasting month has seen the TLFC senior team temporarily withdraw from the league commitments in view of the fast.

Today, we visit the Under-10 Boys' team to hear their thoughts on the upcoming celebration.

Tommy Sa'adiah, midfielder for the junior team, quipped, "They fast so they won't be slow! HAHAHAHAHA I am ten let me make stupid jokes like this."

When asked about what he looks forward to during hari raya, goalkeeper Kirpal Tan, said, "I look forward to staying at home with my family. I'm very scared to be at the training ground. Aizat (senior player Aizat Amali) is always watching us train. Then he like to smile at us and use his tongue to lick his lips. I think he fell in love with us."

Sweeper Farid Samad, 6, was more positive. "YAYY! During Hari Raya I get more money! I think first day of raya already I get more money than what the senior players are paid. YAYY YAYY YAYYY!!!!"

There you have it from the junior team. To everyone out there, Selamat Hari Raya. Or more like, Selamat 2-Weeks Before Hari Raya.

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