Sunday the 20th vs Dunman Allstars @ Eastview Sec, 9am.
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Compulsory Training
Mar 7th, 2007 12:16:37 am - Subscribe

I have heard some dressing room rumours going around about this Saturday training is a stunt pulled by the management. I assure you that this is not the case. Right now i need you guys to put in the comments whether or not you will be able to attend this session. The meeting time and place will be at Yew Tee MRT Control station at 5pm. Maestro has pulled some strings and gotten us a team bus. I need your answer as soon as possible as i have learned that some members of the team are going to sacrifice certain commitments just to attend this session. Strictly no WAGS will be allowed during our training session as i want a 101% focus during training.

On a happier note, CPIB has already decided to go on ahead with the charges with The Gaffer. i know how much you guys hate him as such i have told the police that we will testify against the Gaffer.

This Sundays game against Marine Devils has also been shifted to Turf City Pitch#3. Do take note of the location change.

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