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Fans' Questions
Apr 29th, 2007 10:50:03 pm - Subscribe
Satay of the day: Rowan Atkinson

Salutations TLFC. Suriyat Lee here with my monthly report from the TLFC HQ.

April has come to an end and the word from the board of directors is that the on-pitch performance can definitely be improved. They were especially distraught at seeing the club concede a 5-1 loss to Kampong Boyz FC earlier this month. Director Of Football Preenkafkafmulumulugerbil-Nyoh was quoted, "I have seen better football in Suffian Hakim's cooking."

Financial matters in the club, thankfully, is steadily improving. The next report will be released at the end of this quarter, in June, but we have reported significant profits from the clubhouse and the concept store for the month of April.

Staying on this note, we have received a marked increase in fan mail over the month. Some of these fans write in to congratulate us on our progress in the AFL. Some have written in to berate our less inspired on-pitch performances. Some are business letters from business-involved fans; inviting the team for events promotion, but we have forwarded those letters to our publicity people here at the HQ.

Now, most of these fan letters have questions which we were thinking of passing on to our publicity department. But in view of the not-too-hectic schedule of the senior team in recent days, we have decided to allow the playing team to answer some of the fans' burning questions.

Gaffer and Captain, I shall leave these questions in your charge.

For The Team

Why don't you all play a 3-1-6 formation? I believe with your attacking prowess, you might as well focus more of your players to the pursuit of goals.
-Drew,21,Bukit Batok

Ever thought of changing your jersey colours to purple and pink? It's like, so hoooottt!!

Why do so many of your players have short hair? LONG HAIIIIRRR!!!!!!!
Paul,18,Ang Mo Kio

With TLFC's stable financial status, why do you not invest in a few more players who add flair, and attacking options to the team. Eric Djemba-Djemba And Djimi Traore are good examples of fantastic players within TLFC's budget.
Fred,61,Batu Pahat

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anonymous - May 02nd, 2007
First qn, if we play a 3-1-6, we'll lose 1-6 ok..not all our defenders are of the same calibre as Nazir.and the last qn, we are saving up to buy richardson,so we can't afford Eric and Djimi now.


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