Sunday the 20th vs Dunman Allstars @ Eastview Sec, 9am.
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The Gaffer Times
Mar 27th, 2007 10:38:34 pm - Subscribe

Its me again, your beloved Gaffer.I would like to welcome you all back from your overseas trip. I do hope players like Nas didn't overdo it at any clubs. We all know how he is with the ladies and the fights he gets into with the guys.

Anyway I know its been said many times but i just want to congratulate you guys again for the fantastic comeback victory you achieved for the last game. I know I know, it was all due to my tactical brilliance but you guys deserve credit too. You all make me look good.

Ok for this week's agenda: the game against Dunman All Stars. Our win against Kawabanga will count for nought if we don't do well this game. We shouldn't just expect to win this game cos we won Kawabanga. Remember the game against Marine Devils? I really hope we don't repeat such a disastrous performance. WE have to keep up the pressure and make the big boys uncomfortable. I've been approached by many clubs this past week asking if players like Darryl and Russell were available. To protect them from this, i've decided to send both of them to our Feeder Club, TKFC. Russell will be gone for the rest of the season to continue to hone his defensive abilities while Darryl will be there for a two week stint. But both will be available this week.

Another player highly sought after by other clubs is Suff. His performance for the last game was comparable to that of Nistelrooy,world class finishing. I do hope he decides to stay with us.
As for me, the newspaper has been writing a lot of stuff, about me going to replace Old Fergie, Jose, Stevie and god knows who. Don't worry. I've signed a contract till June the 10th and I plan to stay committed to this club.

So for Sunday, I want you all to know that your starting place is not guranteed. Syah willbe back from injury and is gearing to start. The suspension on Irwan has also been lifted. So we'll be at full strength this Sunday.

My captain,Jon and I hope that TLFC remains focused on our primary goal, to do our best and to win the league. If we continue playing games like our last, that sure won't be a problem.

So for now,take care.

Yours truly

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