Sunday the 20th vs Dunman Allstars @ Eastview Sec, 9am.
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Mar 3rd, 2007 9:26:59 am - Subscribe

Why hello again! It is I, your webmaster and apparent shadow-offside-topscorer striker back again with up to speed updates regarding our site. *superstar smiley* In my semi-absence I see this blog has become such a humble, friendly, condusive and productive place for TLFC members to discuss tactics and voice out relevant opinions to better the team. Fans/readers will be so pleased at the image we are portraying and I have none other than "The Gaffer" and some of you kiampa act-cool cmi commenters to thank :) I'm glad this blog has served its purpose as a place where you can vent your frustrations for not being able to enter ACSI because of either being too stupid or too poor or both. It's such a webmaster's dream.

ANYWAYS, as I was saying, I have added a new feature to the site to fuel TLFC's ego-hungry monsters. Behold, on your right, the new "TOPSCORERS" list complete with neon-like glow! So now you can track down who's been scoring how many and gloat about it to claim your right to play where :D Do tell if any of you want custom lists such as "Best Second Assister" (the person who assisted the assistor) and such, I'll be glad to comply. Wow, aren't we cool; we cater to everyone! As always and of everything else, I will be diligently updating and upkeeping the site to make it better. Due to some unfortunate satays, I should think I will be there tomorrow to hopefully witness another victory secured by TLFC. May many goals come our ways, and never forgetting satays. This is your beloved webmaster signing off

- Mus

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