Sunday the 20th vs Dunman Allstars @ Eastview Sec, 9am.
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Injury Crisis Hits TLFC
Mar 11th, 2007 11:20:46 pm - Subscribe

Guys, its me, the Gaffer. I'm back after being cleared of all charges. It was a rough time for me and it must have been bad for most of you, wondering if I would ever be released but I'm back so we can put that all behind us.

Now for the important bit. All of us were dissapointed, angry, even shocked at our performance in our last game. We hit a new low. Although we had vast possession, chances were few in between. Our attacking play was not so much stifled by our opponents but more by ourselves.

To make matters even worse, players like Marcus, Jon and Nazir are injured while our defensive lynchpin Ben, custodian Irwan and in-house rugger Fahmy are suspended for our next game. What do we do guys? We are facing one of the leagues strongest teams, Kawabanga, and it could not come at such an inoppurtune time.

Do we go in that game with our heads down? Do we go in knowing that defeat is inevitable? I say no! We are TLFC. We stand for more than that! We have to go in with guns ablazing and with adrenaline pumping.

Guys, its time to show what we can do. As such, I've recalled players like Mus and Sam back from loan to aid us in our time of crisis. Players like Nas, Aizat and Darryl have to put in that extra bit of work in midfield and to lead our attack. We need Suff's workrate to soar, Faliq's presence to defend us, Russel's voice to stir us, Syah's magic to save us. We need Ahloy to whip in those crosses and Dan to coolly slot the ball in. Not forgetting, our top striker Mus, to rediscover his scoring instinct and for Sam, with all his altheticism, to stop them from coming in.

So guys, this Sunday's game will be a test of our mettle. Whatever happens, as long as we know we've done our best, even in defeat there'll be no shame. If we do conjure up a win, I won't be surprised as well. So i end off here with these words.

"TLFC, who are we?" "OUH! OUH! OUH!"

Comments: (2)


anonymous - March 12th, 2007
I've been cleared of suspension! all green for sunday's game...


tlfc - March 13th, 2007
Why have I surfaced... Our alliance, binds me...


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