Sunday the 20th vs Dunman Allstars @ Eastview Sec, 9am.
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The Gaffer Times
Mar 2nd, 2007 11:14:58 am - Subscribe

I'll start off first by issuing warnings to players like Fox in the Box and Maestro: mess with me and you'll be sent to our feeder club TKFC. Agents or no agents, I don't give a damn. Secondly to our captain. If you got something to say to me, say it infront of my face. Don't go leaving comments about licking boots. I'll make sure you clean our boots after every game. I hope all of you follow the example of Aizat. Stupid but a diligent midfielder, he listens to what I have to say although he is a bit slow at times.

Ok, on to our main agenda. Every Saturday I'll put up the starting line-up on our site. For this Sunday's game, the players starting are as follows:

Gk: Irwan
Defenders: Nazir, Fahmy, Russ, Ben
Midfielders: Suff, Nas, Aizat,Syah
Strikers: Faliq, Jon
Subs: Ahloy, Mus, Sam, Daniel
Suspension: Darryl

Please leave any comments if you have anything to add or COMMENT on.

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Attention all TLFC members
Feb 28th, 2007 9:29:09 am - Subscribe

This is just a warning for the rest of you who plan to go against me. Darryl has been late for some matches and as such I see it appropriate to ban him for our next game. As for our number 8, as punishment for talking back to me, I'm gonna let you partner Nas. See how difficult your life will be on the pitch.

Guys, If you want to play hardball, I'll play hardball too. No one is exempted, not even our captain Jon. So watch it.

As always,
The Gaffer

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Yamagata concert tickets
Feb 28th, 2007 6:30:13 am - Subscribe
Satay of the day: It could be you!

Satays of Singapore hear me now. Nazir and I have but ONE extra ticket to see Yamagata live at the Esplanade on the 17th of March. If you are hello and wanna see the concert, attempt to contact us via this blog which contains the wonderfully crafted comment tag and make yourself heard. Thank you.

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Versus Campaign and Essex Lasallians.
Feb 27th, 2007 8:01:52 am - Subscribe

Alas, to the dismay of many including myself, the last post is unfortunatly untrue. What's true however, is that we won our first league match with a convincing score of 4-2 against Campaign FC. Faliq, Jon and Darryl were on the scoresheet, with Faliq scoring the opening goal and his very first goal for TLFC which led him to a troubling thinking that he should be playing forward as and when he gives an "ultimatum". If there was an official Man Of the Match it should go to Darryl, who scored 2 goals, both dribbling past opposition in a similar fashion. And Jon.

So that's that.

But the highlight of the day wasn't the league match surprisingly. It was against a friendly versus the Essex Lasallians. Compromising of players all aged 40 and above save their 2 teenage midfielders, it is true to say that they have to be thee strongest team that we have ever faced.

Where do I start to describe how the game went? Scores aside (we lost 3 - 2), the most important thing was the lesson that we learnt during the match. Outclassed and outplayed in almost every aspect of the game, somehow it begs to be reflected the kind of soccer we've been playing all these while.

If technical skills and physical fitness is a problem that we cannot address (due to time, monetary and commitment constraints in making training sessions), then I feel a rehauling of discipline and teamwork involving our style of play is badly needed.

Each and every member has a role to play and I feel the way to excel is if each one of us stick to a style and role we are comfortable with and work on perfecting the best set of moves to get the ball from Point A to Point B - which is from our goal to theirs.

What does it mean? Basically a match is like an equation. Different equations need different formulas to solve. Similarly, to win we need to develop and perfect a set of formulas for different types of opponents. Like the Essex, they saw that we relied on our midfields and saw to it that our mid was crippled. Not only that, they had a systematic way of attacking, bringing the ball slowly up via the wing backs, then followed by the 2 teenage mids. However, they did not continue to push the ball higher up if the attacking wingers or strikers weren't free. Everytime we closed down on those 2, they will either try to dribble and if they felt it couldn't be done, the ball will be pushed back to the wing backs. The wing backs, depending on the congestion of players, GENERALLY only stuck to two options - they will try to pass back to the 2 teenage mids, or switch flanks. It is this kind of systematic and disciplined play that won.

Unlike them, we do not really know what to do after getting the ball and in deciding what to do next, their stamina ensured all our players are covered before we can pass effectively.

Perhaps we too, should develop a set of formulas for different opponents. Maybe a set is too much - one formula is alright for now. To work on our strengths and to actually follow the formula. Reduce our options. Instead, everyone should stick to one or two preplanned moves, each one involved perfecting their part of the move and if we engineer it correctly, with time, we can play a much more effective and flowing soccer. Of course it lacks pride in doing so - limiting options, not getting to play what we want, do what we like... "I want to strike because it's cool!" "Why should I pass to you when I feel you're not good enough?" "I am so not running up and down wasting my stamina when my main job is to pass the ball from you to him!". Predictably too, there will be voices which say where is the fun in all that? Or what nonsense, I wanna play like Brazil. Well the sad truth is, we are not Brazillians, even if we effectionately compare ourselves with our soccer idols. The sadder truth is, despite winning a ton of matches over 6 years, we still lack the basics in communicative passes. We only managed to hold the Rafflesians, and we shattered against the Essex Lasallians. What's wrong with systematic play anyways? It's not like we can ever play as precise as the Germans. We can make it fun. And slowwly, we can also add a touch or two of flair or try adventurous moves. But I feel the time isn't now. Look at Essex, they jolly well enjoyed their game.

I suppose I've made up my mind. It's up to the rest of you to decide what kind of soccer TLFC should play. May many goals come our way. And satays. This is Mus signing off.

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Important notice to all TLFC members
Feb 25th, 2007 9:03:53 am - Subscribe

Due to some irreparable team issues between the webmaster and appointment holders of TLFC regarding attitudes, positions, jerseys and official Adidas fonts, he has decided to leave the club and is now in the process of joining the Essex Lasallians. Goodbye.

And he is now crying in the bus.

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Feb 24th, 2007 8:11:19 am - Subscribe

Many many welcome.

Poor grammar aside, this is the new TLFC site. For those who do not know the history of TLFC, and for the sake of filling up this empty page as a first entry I shall recall its not so humble beginnings at SJI, where a bunch of Josephians decided to start a soccer team called "The Losers Football Club" in 2001. Well the reason was simply because "when we lose we lose, and when we win we also lose". Yes, doesn't make much sense but so do many of us.

Amazingly though, as time went by we indeed won many matches; definately much much more matches than we lost. In fact, we won so many matches, we were confident enough we should be in a league (whether we are good enough, now that's a different story). And thus here we are in the idon'tknowwhichdivision of the AFL. Looking back, this is indeed a milestone for a bunch of punks who named their club "The Losers".

Many things did change, of course - from Mus being a questionable keeper to, perplexing enough, the club's top goalscorer and the coming and going of people, new environments and I suppose the love of soccer brought new faces into the team, from JC friendships (SA & PJ) to cousin's cousin. Some things however don't change; like Nas's creativity and Jon's solid steel total soccer which never fails to add security to the team and annoy opponents (unchanging too his position as a defender). And more good men as well which I am too lazy to praise - you should know who you are.

So here we are 6 years later, in our first league with our first website (albeit a blog) and the best part, a confirmed constant supply of matches every week. Yeay exclamation mark. So basically the site is explanatory enough as it is, save for the bottom "Site syndication" which I have no idea what those bloody buttons do but decide to put it there anyways for the people who do know how to use them (yes, they work perfectly). Every now and then, new features will be added or removed as I see fit. The timestamp of entries are in Singapore time, so if an entry is stamped at 2am, someone's really been up at that hour. Leave comments at the bottom of entries (hopefully good ones) with your name of course so we know who you are. To strangers, if you are not hello there is no need to leave any comments, thank you. Site will be updated regularly, so members do come back ever so often for whatever updates, match dates, reunion dates or even speeddates. Okay maybe not.

Tomorrow. Our first match of the AFL. To all those who have been part of TLFC, new to TLFC or still don't know what the hell TLFC is, many many welcome to a revamped TLFC. May many many goals come our way, and of course, many many satays.

*makes a heeyaa sort of cheering complete with fistpump*

-Mus, Webmaster

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