Sunday the 20th vs Dunman Allstars @ Eastview Sec, 9am.
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Press Release: Suffian Hakim Pledges To 'Fight On' With TLFC
Mar 30th, 2007 11:49:59 am - Subscribe

In a press statement released earlier today, TLFC winger Suffian Hakim pledged his future to the AFL team.

"In light of the recent controversies about my status here in TLFC," Hakim said in a press conference, "I wish to declare whole-heartedly that I am committed to fulfilling my duties as a player of The Losers Football Club, to the best of my ability, until my contract ends. We may not be top of the league now, but I promise to fight on with my fellow Losers until we don't live up to our name."

The player was recently the subject of frantic transfer market inquiries after his match-winning performance against Kawabunga FC.

His agent, Ms. Fiona Xie confirmed this. "My client and I have been talking to a lot of parties from Spain, Italy and England this past week," she said at the conference. "But we've both agreed that to fully bring out his potential as a footballer, he should stay with TLFC in the AFL Division 2."

"Besides," Hakim added, "I do believe that we have a fantastic team of professionals plying their trade in TLFC. I can seriously compare -one for one - the players of TLFC to those of the England national squad.

"Jon is our Wayne Rooney - strong, aggressive, never knowing the meaning of a lost cause. Marcus is our Owen Hargreaves. He's got tremendous energy, and the work ethic of a Chinese man under a Communist government. And he's so efficient in breaking up attacks and then threatening our opposition with marauding passes. Syah is Joe Cole - in one word, magic. Not to forget Russell - our very own Rio Ferdinand without the stupid hair and bad drugs-test memory. So intelligent in carrying the ball and so calm and solid in defence. Even Nas is like Frank Lampard - he does not contribute to the team.

"I would not be the player I am today without these guys."

His thoughts on Sunday's game against Dunman All Stars? "We'll show them the respect we show anybody who plays this beautiful game. But with this current cast of stars in TLFC, I do believe we have a chance at 3 points."

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