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The TL Times
Apr 3rd, 2007 11:37:28 pm - Subscribe

TLFC Player outraged over media attention

In a party held over the last weekend at the Gaffer's holiday villa in Jamaica, Syah Fidzuan "Magician", a TLFC player vented his anger on the media attention currently circling Suffian "Flash" Hakim.

The injury-prone Syah, who was recently diagnosed with ACLMS (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Morning Syndrome), let his feelings be known to the Gaffer. Our inside source told us that Syah was apparently unhappy with how the media plays up Suffian as the star of the team. He demanded that the Gaffer talk to the media and make them write an exclusive article for him. This blatant potrayal of jealousy from Syah towards his teammate didnt go down well with the Gaffer. But since Syah was a TLFC youth academy alumnus, the Gaffer let him off with a stern warning and a fine of 17 weeks wages.

Lets just hope that Syah can let bygones be bygones and work together with Suffian in this Sunday AFL game against the Kampong Boyz. Provided he doesnt do his favourite magician move, "The Disappearing Act". -Fox

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