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Versus Kawabunga
Mar 18th, 2007 8:54:55 am - Subscribe

Good evening, this is The Shadow reporting from the TLTV Sports Centre on what was thought as an amazing last minute comeback by TLFC against Kawabunga FC earlier this morning at Clementi.

Jon The Hummer and Suff The Flash scored 1 and 2 each as TLFC surged to a comeback victory.

Yet the victory came at a price for the hosts, who were already missing many men like Syah and Irwan due to uh, injury and suspension, as leftback Nazir the Destroyer was destroyed with a quite serious looking ankle injury.

The game was only 10 minutes old when TLFC took a downturn as he hobbled off the pitch in agony after his left ankle failed under a kick/challenge from his own self.

Nazir could put no weight on his leg as he wasn't helped to the touchline and the word swiftly came out that he could not continue.

If there is any comfort for TLFC, it is that they are not facing anyone next week because, with many injuries and suspensions, they would be in trouble.

Having already suffered a loss last last week at the hands of Marine Devils, TLFC was keen not to repeat the same mistakes this week.

Yet, after a quite flimsy defence and goalkeeping error, TLFC was temporarily stunned by a um stungun fired by a player from Kawabunga whose name I'm not very sure of currently.

The opener came from an innocuous beginning as one of them won a header close to halfway.

Mr We're-Not-Sure-Who was onto the loose ball in a Jiffy, darted speedily to the penalty box by the left flank, then cut in and released a deceptive shot which looked like sommat between a cross and a lob. Which apparently was a goal.

For a while it seemed TLFC would be silenced in a manner seldom seen since it was formed seven years ago.

But as halftime came and went and a few major changes were made to TLFC, with Jon The Hummer playing upfront and Mus The Shadow playing right wing, (but in fact nowhere at all come to think of it) the game took a turn.

After a dizzying dribble by Jon going around in circles and back and forth and godknowswhat, the capacity crowd of less than 20 people held their breath as Jon unleashed a wobbling diagonal gounder which thankfully ended up in the goal.

From that point on it was a drastic improvement exercise for TLFC with The Gaffer feeling sufficiently comfortable about his side's position to remove top strike Mus (which was actually doing nothing) long before the end.

Sam's save did not prevent Siva getting his own name on the scoresheet for the I'm-not-sure-how-manyeth-time this season.

Despite being 1 goal down and desperately needing a win, TLFC was soon celebrating after setting Suff The Flash free with a mistake from the opposition goalie which allowed the TLFC forward to lob the ball into goal.

It was almost as if the opposition defence was fearful of Suff (which I'm quite sure wasn't the case) that they dare not go near him, offering the Flash a suicidal amount of space to run into every time he got the ball.

It paid off in the 90th plus minute, with Suff scoring a superb goal involving 3 touches: from Nas the Maestro's cross connected by Jon's head outside the penalty box which landed beautifully in Suff's path near the right penalty edge and the rest is as they say, history.

The Gaffer hails 'terrific' result

The Losers manager The Gaffer paid tribute to his side after a classic comeback 3-2 victory over Kawabunga at Clementi.

"It was due to my tactical genius that I was able to outwit Abinesh Ferguson and his men," The Gaffer told TLTV.

"I'm very pleased. It is a terrific result for us against a Kawabunga team which is a very good team and TLFC are back to their winning ways,

"I think I'm good enough to manage in the EPL."

Suffian Hakim was once again instrumental in much of what TLFC did - a contribution which did not go unnoticed by The Gaffer.

"Suff scored two goals but I won the game for us"

But we all know who's having judgement problems here. Even opposition Sivakumar was suportive in his remarks

"Suff did nothing la, only 2 touches and he scored the equalizer and the winning goal. He's like Mustakjm" rousing laughter from both sides, although I'm not very sure what's so funny about that.

This is The Shadow, attempting to report it Soccernet style from TLTV Sports Center at The Wall Empire. Good night.

Comments: (4)


anonymous - March 18th, 2007
Good work team, espcially the hero of the day, Suff. your agent has already contacted me but don't worry, we'll sort out the contract details at the end of the season. Anyway, take a well deserved break team. - The Gaffer

anonymous - March 18th, 2007
it's okay I fired my agent and hired a new one. her name's miss xie. first name fiona. I'll pass you her business card duing our next training -Suff

anonymous - March 18th, 2007
Baik lah mus... tu pasal kau webmaster... eh eh gaffer... dun make me call the police again ah.. i suspected you to be play acting with that injury, trying to make mistakes purposely so that siva can score.. CPIB is keeping a close eye on you.. one mistake and thats it... you can kiss ur career goodbye.. -Fox


tlfc - March 19th, 2007
Ish biasa juga ;


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