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tori long awaited update... - Subscribe
Yeah, so it's been a while. Sue me.

So what has been going on lately? A whole lot of stressing. My room looks like a tornado hit it, product of printing and printing and printing my 50 page thesis, at least more than a few times. Oh, you poor tree. I'm sorry, please forgive me. I will clean tonight, though. It's a promise.

The past week has been filled with fun adventures. Last weekend, Neil and I decided to go in search of a swimming hole. From my few trips to BP's house, I knew there was a nifty little dam/river type thing nearby. Upon our arrival, however, we realized it wouldn't be great for swimming, as the dumbasses had polluted it with fishing hooks. Aside from that, there was a lot of standing water, which=mosquitos, which=yellow fever, which=death (death by yellow fever=better death than death by booga-booga). Thus, we marched on.

We drove. We followed the river. We maneuvered around subdivisions with ease, even though people were looking at us funny. Were we productive in finding a swimming hole? NO. BUT...we did find a sleu of other things:

  • General Ruthenblahamamamamaman's headquarters, complete with plastic pyramid of canon balls.
  • The Murfreesboro Buddhist Temple, complete with oriental out-of-place feel.
  • The Greenway
  • The best swimming hole spot, but we can't use it because it's private property
  • Sonic (but we knew where that was)
  • Mud

So what else has been going on this week? A lot, I think. Here's a little recap:

  • I spent $162.00 on one dinner. Damn.
  • I watched Jess in her recital. It was beautiful. She was a princess.
  • I've been talking to this really nice guy, Keith. He makes me laugh. happy.gif
  • I fiinished all the fan club stuff, and have almost completed this soon-to-be successful contest for the CMT Awards! Yay!
  • I found a new place to live
  • I laughed.
  • I went into the studio with Stephen & Seth.
  • I've been to IHOP. I discovered they have half orders of chocolate chip pancakes. Yay!
  • I've lost my mind.
  • I got an 88 on my concert promotion test.
  • I handed in my thesis.
  • I ordered all of my graduation cords.
  • I got to see Autumn.
  • I spoke my mind and told the truth.
  • I listened to good music.

I think that's about it. I'm about to go shopping. This weekend's agenda is pretty full, so I'll get back to you!

"My tamberine! Oh-oh-oh-oh! My tamberine is still shakin'!"
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tori hmmm... Apr 16th, 2005 5:10:34 pm - Subscribe
I need to work on writing in this moor. It seems to soothe me when I do, but it's hard to find the time to waste on writing in an online journal. Blargh.

So I've moved into an apartment with my kickass concert promo buddy, Lucy. It's nifty. She neglected to tell me beforehand, though, that she thinks the place is haunted. I have yet to confirm said beliefs, but the place can be kinda creepy at night, especially if you're already paranoid.

Yesterday was my last day at Vector. I thought I'd be sad, but I wasn't really. It was a long awaited completion to my life here in Murfreesboro. I'm starting to tie up the lose ends, and I feel as if my life is finally starting to come together, and I'm okay with that. As much as I miss my old friends, those that I wasn't important to kind of fell off the face of the planet. I didn't need them anyway. I guess that's been my whole outlook the past few weeks: fuck 'em. I'll show you!

I've got a lot to do this weekend. I need to finish wrapping up everything for AKPsi, revise my thesis, write an 8-10 page paper on UFOs in Popular Culture, and finish up some fan club stuff. Fun, huh? Anyone interested in helping me out or distracting me, you know the digits.

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tori moods... Apr 16th, 2005 11:08:17 pm - Subscribe
You know, I've been contemplating this all day. Everytime I go to write a blog, it comes up with a new random mood selection. I find it odd that no matter what, the mood seems to fit me. Some of them are even bizarre, like knackered, but they always seem to fit my post and the mood that I'm in. Just thought that I'd share that I never have to change the default ranom mood!

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