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So the move to Florida is approaching more and more quickly everyday. I've finally started packing again, and soon I will have completed the daunting task of sorting through all of my clothes. Unfortunately, there has been one item that has been haunting me: renting my furniture.

There are only two rental companies in the Central Florida area. Of those, if you want the "student discount," you have to put up with the fact that your furniture will be gaudy, stupid, and like everyone else that goes to your school. And yes, I mean that. I've never seen such hideous furniture in my life, and I know that I cannot possibly bear to have sucky furniture for the rest of my life.


I hate renting anything. If it weren't cheaper and more convenient, I'd say fuck it.

Anyway, off to cook and be a domestic diva. Much love,

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tori cats are interesting creatures... Jul 27th, 2005 3:00:56 pm - Subscribe
Morning all,

Or I guess it would be afternoon. feels like morning. I still have that icky groggy feeling of the just-woke-up syndrome. Eh well.

So last night, I fully realized why I love cats so much. I know a lot of people are petrified of cats, mostly because they are so independent and unpredictable, unlike dogs who are just loveable. I don't really know--I've never owned a dog. I have, however, had cats all of my life (thanks to my mother), and I personally find their unpredictability one of their best qualities.

My mother and I took a little walk outside, just to enjoy the lovely weather. Out of our five cats, one of them likes to go outside, usually at night because the birds don't divebomb him them (scaredy cat). Anywho, we walked over to the knoll in front of the barn and overlooking the gravel part of our driveway, and we sat and enjoyed the few cars passing and the sounds of the birds.

As we walked over, Beuford (his lovely named--I picked it myself. If you knew him, you'd know why), meowed and followed us over there, occasionally leaping up to nuzzle his neck against our legs, begging for attention. As we sat, he sat near us. We picked long blades of grass to press between our thumbs and whistle--and this is where the neat part comes in.

Whenever we made the whistling noise with the grass, he would get up and meow, staring at us with expectancy. If he had meandered a little further away from us, he would quickly run over to us, leap up and meow as he ran the side of his face against our hands. It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen.

Another quirky habit of his is his outside traits. He always goes out around 9ish, and usually doesn't come back in until 11:30, sometimes later. When 11:30 hits, my mother and I usually walk out to find him together with the flashlight. Usually you flash it, and you'll see his beady little eyes flicker as he runs towards us. Once he approaches, he begs for attention. Then, he waits until you pick him up to carry him inside--but not like a normal cat. No, you have to pick him up so that your arms are between his legs and he rests his head on your arm. It's the stupidest, most adorable thing, seriously.

Other than that, he just lays in the glider chair all day, waiting until night time to go out and go "catting." He's special, haha...special-ed. Seriously, though...he's unique. I think that's why I like cats. Each one of them has their own personality. They like to do their own things, and they have meticulous ways about doing things that never cease to baffle you.

On other lifely notes, I still haven't finished packing for Florida. Blah. I have, however, secured furniture. Only 188 a month, but it's nice and covers all of the rooms in my new apartment. I don't know how long I'll be in Florida, so I don't really want to buy something that I'll only have to cart away later.

Oooh, I also got my Jason Mraz cd in the mail today. I'm a little disappointed, yet pleased. His studio album is so much better than the first, but he just isn't a studio musician. He is so much better as an improv guy. But alas, the lyrics are amazing, and a lot of the songs have an interesting array of styles and flavors. Regardless, I've been listening to it for a while, and am in love. I would definitely let him lull me to sleep, and I might even think of letting him father my babies. Hmmph.

Anyway, off to finish some work and some packing. Lazy days are here to stay!


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tori garage sales suck...use ebay! Jul 28th, 2005 6:25:37 pm - Subscribe
Hi all,

I don't really have much to say today. I've been cleaning and packing, as usual. I still feel further away from being ready than ever. I did, however, secure my apartment, my furniture, school, and bartending. Woot! I will have a place to live, something to sit on, something to do, and some money. Yay for me.

On other notes, the big-ass garage sale is this weekend. Oh Lord, please save me from the hell that is the Garage Sale.

Let me tell you, this isn't any ordinary garage sale. Nope. This one isn't just a random house on the side of the road. This stretches some 30 odd miles on one road, the road that I happen to live on. My mother loooooooves setting up for the garage sale, and it always brings stress. Never fails.

Since our yard is super-massive (despite the leech fields that always seem to sink in this one corner lot of our yard), we usually rent out spaces to other vendors that seem to think that they want to sell stuff. This year, we're doing something different.

Not only did we rent out the entire yard to vendors, we also got a port-a-potty. Yay *rolls eyes.* Since we have a long driveway shaped like a "y", we're cutting off the part that goes to our house so that "customers" can have a "drive-thru" to prevent traffic jams (not that it matters, 'cause it's going to be mad crazy anyway).

My problem with selling stuff at garage sales are the following:

  1. Since the antique road show, people LOVE garage sales because they think they are going to stumble on something valuable. Hey, maybe. Who am I to stop you? Go for it...

  2. The problem with these antique roadies is that they are rude and obnoxious.

  3. If that weren't enough, you get every woodchuck in the neighborhood to appear out of their trailers the one weekend out of the year that they decide to make their appearance. I don't like them because they are ignorant. Ignorance makes me angry.

  4. Everyone that goes to a garage sale likes to haggle. This means that if you bought something for $150, it's "half-life" so to speak is like $75, which means you really have to put $50 on it, even if it's in great condition. After you've gone through all of that, they still think that they ought to talk you down to $0.01.

  5. By the end of the day, you get so tired of bitchy people that only want to pay a penny, you get tired and just say "take the fucking thing" because you've been sitting up there for 12 hours and have to sit there for another 12 hours the next day.

  6. All of these cars park on the side of the road, which makes driving nearly impossible, and accidents almost inevitable. It's a garage sale people--it's OLD JUNK! (screw the saying that "one man's junk is another man's treasure.")

  7. While sitting there and being obnoxiously bored, you find yourself wandering to the neighboring vendors, in which you usually end up buying something that you will never use, and you will just end up having to sell it next year.

The solution? Fuck garage sales. Use ebay.
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