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tori people make me angry... - Subscribe
You know, I've been getting pretty fed up with people lately. It seems that everyone has their own agenda, and everyone likes to be blind to the truth in the situations. In fact, I really don't think that people like to hear the truth. When people do hear the truth, they can't handle the idea that there might be a small little fault with thier personality, and instead twist things around to make everything your fault. This makes me angry.

But it doesn't make me half as angry as lies. Why can't people just be honest with each other when they make a mistake, or when they know that they are at fault. Why must we always be quick to come up with lies to cover our own faults. We are all human. We are all fallible. You know what that means? It means that we all make mistakes. But why the hell would you want to make up so many lies that you can't keep up with them just to cover up your own personality flaws? It will catch up to you eventually.

I'm not bitching because I think I am without faults. God knows that I have plenty of my own. I am persistant, opinionated, and I hate conflict more than anything. In fact, I have a long ass laundry list of faults, mistakes I've made, and lies I've told. I am not perfect, nor do I try to be. However, there is one simple thing that I ask in people, and one simple thing that I think you should all think about, and that is this:

Be sympathetic to the way that other people feel. When people are expressing their feelings with you, it's just that. It's the way that they feel about something, be it an event politics, religion, whatever. Sometimes it's hard for people to tell you how they feel, because most people in this day and age disregard people's feelings.

Another tip: don't lie. Even if you're doing it to protect your fragile ego or using it to make you somehow better than everyone else in the world. It doesn't work. People see throught lies. People aren't stupid. Even though you think you're getting away with it, that it's somehow projecting this magnamous image of your infallible actually makes you that much more see through. I know...I've been there. I've seen it happen. I've done it.

So a tip to all you people out there about some conflicts. Respect each other and don't lie to protect yourself. It only makes things worse. And you never know who you lie to that may make your life the biggest living hell ever. There are some people you just don't want to mess with, and I have also learned that from experience.

Think about it.
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tori oh, lovely Full Sail... Sep 9th, 2005 1:35:02 am - Subscribe
Today was another day in the lovely Full Sail realm. I'm finally getting adjusted to the crazy schedules and the hectic qualities of it all. I really don't think I would feel overwhelmed if I didn't have an administrator or educator telling me every five seconds how overwhelmed I'm supposed to be. Bastards.

I went to the cognitive learning seminar today. I know I don't need it, as I've already got a Bachelor's, therefore I obviously know how to study. But hey, let's be honest: everyone has room for improvement, and I like to have the cushion of those five extra points.

Let me tell you about this seminar. First of all, there's this whacky lady that teaches it. I swear she's on crack. She giggles like it's going out of style, and every once in a while, her voice will get really deep and scary. She also likes to hint at being dirty: for example, she talked about visualizing a frog in a thong today. I'm sorry, but that was a little much. I think she mostly bothers me because her eyes are crooked and she looks like a crack whore. Other than that, and the boring content, it wouldn't have been so bad.

But alas, I have a midterm to study for, so off I go.

Frogs in thongs. *shakes head*
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