Date: Oct 19th, 2005 12:51:09 am - Subscribe
Mood: nauseous

Do you ever watch commercials and wonder why your life isn't like that? Seriously, how many times have you turned on the tv and there's people madly in love, or people laughing and falling into a huge pool of those styrofoam 'S's.' Or how about having a facial orgasm ove r a pot of soup? I'm pretty certain I could make a really long list of all the commercials that depict gorgeous people having the time of their lives.

If this is the case, why is it that real life is never the same. I realize that companies make commercials to entice you to buy their product by making you think that their wonderful gleaming heap of cheap plastic will make you or your life as beautiful as those gorgeous people on tv. And if they don't use the beautiful approach, they use the fear factor approach, which in essence makes you believe that if you DON'T buy their product, then your life will be worse off than it is now.

Well, you know what I have to say to that?

Do you?


Fuck that.
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alone - October 19th, 2005
everything in life is fake..they dont even make tv shows with real people its all about the people who have something interesting going on in their lives. lol
Yea I'll ass my voice to yours too.


frost - October 19th, 2005
This is why I stopped watching TV. I hated how they make you think TV is real life. When it is not even remotely real life. Seriously how good would a tv show be if it was about "real life". Not very good at all.

Even those damn reality tv shows are fake as hell. I hate those shows so much. This is exactly why I do not watch TV. I will watch movies because they do not have any commercials but I also know that every single movie I watch, is basically false. I try not to compare anything in my life to a movie...then my life would be fake =



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