rainy days...
Date: Dec 8th, 2005 3:45:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: down

I've decided that Florida is the worst place for rain. Everytime it rains, I feel myself slip into this pitifully drowsy, agitated mood. Perhaps it's the people I surround myself with, or perhaps it's the sleep deprivation mixed with the heavy, ominous music I've been listening to. I knew that there was a reason pop was so popular.

Wanna know what else I've decided? The music scene in Orlando sucks balls. We have the bigger acts that come through here, but that's usually expensive and a lot further away to drive to. Aside from that, the whole local band scene is pretty much non-existent. God, I miss Nashville. *sniffle*

Other than that, I pretty much am in class most of the time, all of the time. Occassionally, I have time for sleep or cleaning. Or getting drunk.

Where has my life gone?
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perfect110 - December 16th, 2005
doesn't sound like too much fun... I hope it gets better for you... perfect~

anonymous - December 21st, 2005
class. ew... i feel your pain, chica. i don't have 20 hour days though. my longest day is 14 hours, but i have breaks in between my classes.

... maybe you're just crazy. ;-)

<3, e.

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