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Yay for surprise parties! So yesterday was my great friend Jess's birthday. We all kind of played dumb and let it slide while we waited for Saturday to roll around so that we could have a surprise party for her. It turned out to be great, as Dillon did a totally kickass job of planning it. happy.gif Way to go, Dill!!!

It was actually a really neat and nifty idea. Friday, Dill surprised her with a scavenger hunt. He picked a few places that meant the most to them in their relationship, leaving clues for her in CD cases of bands that they had gone to see live together. Overall, I thought it was the cutest, most romantic thing ever!

Saturday was the party. Dill got all of Jess's good friends to show up. There was flowing liquor, a random mix of people, and homemade sushi with some saki, midori sours, and a mix of other things throughout the night. I thought it turned out to be a great time, and I think Jess was surprised.

Although most of this seems mundane, I think it's important to remember how important birthday's are, especially for those people that really matter.

Jessica Addine Hernandez is a special person. She's sweet, southern, genuine, positive, dedicated, and extraordinarily intelligent when it comes to pretty much anything and everything. If you happen to know Jess, you should consider yourself a blessed person. She's one of the few that you should spend as much time with as possible--she'll change your life around for the better. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I know that I can call Jess and regardless of how silly, trivial, or selfish my qualm may be, she always cares 110%.

Jess, this is a tribute to you, on your very special 20th. I hope that it may serve you well, and your passage onto your adult years will prove that you're, in fact, not 40, even if you feel like it. I love you, chica, and I have the utmost respect for you. Keep being you!
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