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Date: Oct 19th, 2005 8:27:06 am - Subscribe
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It seems every day we add something to our to-do lists; something that we want to do, be it now, in the near future, or in the distant future. Such items include you know, grocery shopping, tattoo inking, body piercing, or hell, even bunjee jumping. Or for some of us more southern, rural, or family oriented people, it's marriage and children (as opposed to career oriented, not necessarily southern or rural--but typically urban life is associated with careers and is the antithesis of baby-making, although the process I hear is still in full effect).

These are all lofty, attainable, sometimes routine (and some not) goals that we all have at the back of our mind at some point in our lives, even if you aren't a "typical" goal setter/to-do list maker. My question, however, is this:

Have we become so pre-occupied with life's daily occurences, our careers and our daily routines that we somehow find goals no longer...plausible, realistic achievements? Or has our culture just produced such busy, lazy people that we are incapable of carrying out such endeavors?

Whichever the answer--or even if it's not one that I've thought about--we should do something about it (ironic, huh?). I know that I am guilty of this to-do list writing syndrome all the time! Oh, I want to work out this many times this week, or oh...I'm going to do chores on this day, but it really gets pushed back to a few days later...or oh, I'm going to go grocery shopping and buy all natural foods, but you end up buying frozen pizzas and going out to eat later on that evening...or oh, I'm going to learn to speak German and buy the disk, but never actually use it...and the list goes on.

But how do we change? How do we change the perspective that has washed over our culture? All that we seem concerned about lately is work and being successful. It's almost to the point that I think we sometimes can't even fully achieve what we set out to do in our personal relationships, careers, and in life.

I guess there's not much to do. We could add it to the to-do list, but let's be honest--it won't get done. Everything is nicer in theory. sad.gif I wish I had my own little Buddha to belly rub for all of the answers.

The moral of the story, I guess, is to try and be more realistic when it comes to things you want to do. And if you really want to do them, you must forge past the forces inside of our measely horrific American mindsets to overcome and achieve. Don't settle...don't be subdued. Fight the man! We will rock on!
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paperdoll - October 19th, 2005
yeah i will fight or something

my t odo list is very silly sometimes but i think some of its just plain hard


x3l3oo - October 19th, 2005
I'm spanish and my list grows's intresting and I added you to my friends list ^^ thanks for reading my post, I updated t but my convoo was perverted >_< weird for me, anyway, thanks ^^


alone - October 20th, 2005
true everything is nicer in theory


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