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wow, many months and i\'m back - maybe. Aug 9th, 2005 8:27:48 am - Subscribe
Mood | spectacular
Music | \'lay low\' - snoop dogg feat. master p & nate dogg

I'm not sure if i'll definitely be back for the whole 'blog phenomenon'. I just remembered and thought i'd check my blog out...see what i wrote... cry.gif

Erm...i had another blog in which i misused purely to rant - well, i guess i took this a step further, which resulted in my dad seeing what i 'thought' of him at the time...

Totally brought a new realisation to 'think before you act.' I felt so horrible. It scared me away from the whole blog craze after that. I know y'all would say, 'forget it, just move on, delete it and whatever...' but it's not that freak out majorly, especially after your dad has NEVER heard you swear the way you did in writing...he was hurt. HURT.

Anyway - i'll try not to get too personal with all this blog stuff anymore...can't be fruited to be honest.

Cheers to David for the plug - even though my blog at the time was pretty much inactive! CHEERS THOUGH!

happy.gif P.S: In the many days, hours, minutes i was away...i got my licence and a sexy little car. REOWR. I whizzed around my new car for the first time tonight - LOVE IT.


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heavy eyelids . . . May 1st, 2005 9:37:34 am - Subscribe
Mood | in absolute love
Music | \'all of this\' - blink 182

I am tired. Very tired. Busy weekend. Spent time with my boyf, my bestie and her boyf - we went to my boyf's house to watch footy and drink. Mind you i got slightly (!?) plastered. I was told by Melissa or Dylan that i'd passed out in the hallway. Oh so classy. o.O

Anyway today was good - no hangover - but getting worse in health...felt sick and dizzy - my headcold was feeling worse. But, we all went to play mini golf today. Weather wasn't too bad either. I lost. AGAIN. Instead of playing 'proper' mini golf, instead i decided to 'Happy Gilmore' it and whack the ball over obstacles taking drastic shortcuts - and on one of the holes...nearly injuring Melissa! LOL! Sorry mate! ;_;

But yeah twas a nice arvo. Then we went back to Mel's for a bit, then i went back to my sweetheart's house for a bit - then he took me home.

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. <3 <3 He's bloody HOT AS. Reowr. Footy player, Surfer/Bodyboarder...can sing, play guitar (kind of...HA)... and he's stylish...and doesn't smoke...and he's oh-so funny! Okay enough of that - i'm bragging now. Oh and he kicked everyone's asses in mini golf today mind you. AGH. AND - he has more clothes than me...i think? ;_;

P.S: I'm feeling cold chills and sweaty. Don't think i'll go to school tomorrow - 3 hrs only - not worth it. I need to work Tuesday night and get to school for a full day of classes...sad.gif

Time to go to bed and dream of Dylan. <3

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apology . . . Apr 26th, 2005 4:40:57 am - Subscribe
Mood | empty
Music | \'autographs & apologies\' - motion city soundtrack

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say i hated my mother. That's so immature of me - i haven't said that since ages ago...when i was about 5. I just want to clear everything up. I was just offended that's all.

Ahem. Anyway - i'm sorry Dylan. I love you. About sooking about your ex'es to you - i know that's so silly and i know that it frustrates you. I'm sorry - sorry for being so in love with you and so insecure with myself.

I love love love love love you. Forever and after.


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tired . . . Apr 25th, 2005 11:07:49 pm - Subscribe
Mood | ugh
Music | \'shiver\' - natalie imbruglia

Went to the Magistrate's Court today - for a class. No i'm not a crim. Felt sick, tired - but continued writing notes a la a court reporter. One woman was in the court room up for a murder that happened yesterday.

I'm home now - didn't stay for my editing class. Too exhausted. My eyes are killing me - and i've just finished some h/work on the computer. Headache is driving me nuts. Going to have a sleep in a tick.

Also - i wanted mum to get me some corn chips and mild salsa. She said why? I said, because i'm craving them. You know what she said back? 'You're not pregnant are you?'

Far out! Just because i've been staying at my boyf's house - it's no wonder she's been shitty at me for staying there. I don't live there but far out i stayed there for one weekend in about 3 weeks or more. God freaking annoying me. Just 'cos i said i was craving something. What a fucking tosser!?


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always . . . Apr 25th, 2005 7:53:20 am - Subscribe
Mood | yummy
Music | \'always\' - blink 182

Three simple words.


Dylan you're the love of my first love and only love. You make me feel so're the most beautiful thing i've ever come across. Inside and out. You're so perfect for me - and you're just a champ to hang out with - so bloody funny and fun! AND you are respected among so many - no wonder you have more friends than enemies. In fact, i don't know anyone that hates you. Oh except for that little kid that has mental problems that wanted to bash you 2 years ago. LOL.

Take care baby - see you Wednesday...and hopefully hear your sweet voice tomorrow night on the phone. <333333333333333333


P.S: I've found a deal on a used but very good conditioned...Samsung v200! $150 including postage! I think that's an okay deal! I'll keep my Sony Ericsson k700i in case i want to go back to it. HA HA. grin.gif

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