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wow, many months and i\'m back - maybe. Aug 9th, 2005 8:27:48 am - Subscribe
Mood | spectacular
Music | \'lay low\' - snoop dogg feat. master p & nate dogg

I'm not sure if i'll definitely be back for the whole 'blog phenomenon'. I just remembered and thought i'd check my blog out...see what i wrote... cry.gif

Erm...i had another blog in which i misused purely to rant - well, i guess i took this a step further, which resulted in my dad seeing what i 'thought' of him at the time...

Totally brought a new realisation to 'think before you act.' I felt so horrible. It scared me away from the whole blog craze after that. I know y'all would say, 'forget it, just move on, delete it and whatever...' but it's not that freak out majorly, especially after your dad has NEVER heard you swear the way you did in writing...he was hurt. HURT.

Anyway - i'll try not to get too personal with all this blog stuff anymore...can't be fruited to be honest.

Cheers to David for the plug - even though my blog at the time was pretty much inactive! CHEERS THOUGH!

happy.gif P.S: In the many days, hours, minutes i was away...i got my licence and a sexy little car. REOWR. I whizzed around my new car for the first time tonight - LOVE IT.


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