Date: Jul 5th, 2011 1:34:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: strong


Too broken.

You abandoned me
when I needed you the
and took everything
from me
when I tried to speak.

I still remember
the phone call that autumn
in my closet
trying to reason with you
for once,
to be heard
for once.

You were off the richter
scaling over my shields,
scaling down my ego.

You forced my voice back
my trachea.
You orchestrated my tears. . .
and I choked
and sputtered
as you spun my breath so fast
from my lungs
that none was left
to circulate

When you killed me
I was born into someone
closer to the person
I wanted to be,
so Thank You.
But what you gave me
was the chance
not to take that gift
from anyone else
ever again.

When I heard about you,
I was happy for a minute,
almost. When I
thought you were asking me
as well, I was thinking
I would say Yes.

But you gave me a gift
that I shouldn’t re-wrap,
so my gift to you, without
is No.
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