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trashy_clo So perfect, you paint it........ - Subscribe

........Yet so manipulated
Yup, I awoke and came downstairs to find my Father listening to hot hot heat on Launch. Hmm. Never mind.

Well, got my nape pierced yesterday, incredibly happy with it, which is a good thing. My mother still wants a massive ring through it, so she can drag me around :S I was telling the guy as he did it, and he was laughing saying his mother would want one too happy.gif He was asking where abouts I wanted it placing, to which I replied "Stick the bugger anywhere you think it'll look good, can't see it anyway, can I?" and he was laughing, spraying some freeze spray down my neck (and all down my damn back!)

Didn't hurt at all, thankfully, and I've had a few strangers come up to me while I was out last night asking about it, and they *all* without fail told me that the sodding pen mark was still in the middle. Infact, my Father just said "You could at least wipe the pen mark off it!"

Nana and Grandad are here tonight, haven't seen them since October since they live in Spain for 6 months, then spend 6 months in Britain. happy.gif But I can't hug them! I couldn't dance much at the beginning of the evening last night. My hair smells of cigarettes now, and I don't plan on washing or even brushing it until I get back from work happy.gif

So now I'm sat here with a piece of Kitchen paper towel soaked in saltwater stuck to the back of my neck, wondering where my works uniform is. Bugger.
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trashy_clo Ruins feeding time..... Apr 2nd, 2005 8:59:48 am - Subscribe

Just got home from work.
Grandparents are visiting from Sunny Spain/ Portugal/France. I'm never sure where they've been.

We desperately need air-con in the shop where I work sad.gif I couldn't find my uniform shirt so I had to improvise grin.gif No-one minded.....

So now my mother, father and sister are out, with my Nana and my Grandad is watching television with their dog.

At work, I felt ready to snap because of the heat. My manager, Karen was freaked out by the back of my neck, but she thought it was cool happy.gif She rang the other manager over the tannoy and made him come and see it, because he didn't believe her, weird. :S

Hmm better go watch that film with Grandad, rather than be rude.........

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trashy_clo Poor Pope Apr 2nd, 2005 3:28:53 pm - Subscribe

Hmm, the Pope has passed away, poor guy.
I'm not religious, but my college is.
I'm no longer looking forward to returning to college on Monday.....
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trashy_clo You can\'t see California without Marlon Brando\'s eyes Apr 4th, 2005 8:51:11 am - Subscribe
College was pretty relaxed today. Didn't see our Principle at all though.

Had a few people ask me about my nape. It's slightly tilted but still, I'm happy with it! I made my Mother clean it yesterday tounge.gif She wasn't very happy with the task. I made her photograph it before as well grin.gif

Well I'm feeling pretty slow and lazy so I might put up a quiz later, if I can be bothered of course.

On another note, i found this picture of a little dog........ and noticed how incredibly evil one little dog can look.........

Image hosted by

Tangible evidence of evil.

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trashy_clo I saw the scene unfold Apr 6th, 2005 10:11:47 am - Subscribe
Went to Manchester to get my nape checked in Afflecks, according to many people, the bar was sticking out (and it was on the photo I took a few days ago) but I was told there wasn't any bar sticking out and that it was healing okay.....

Hmm I have my eye on someone I met recently.....

Lou's still in America, so i told him I'd seen a boy over here that I like and he thought it was cool. But he's kind of upset, even though the boy I've met recently doesn't know I like him and I doubt anything is going to happen. Still, Lou was speaking like I'd gotten engaged to this boy, who shall remain nameless tounge.gif

And then Lou said he missed me, which is why he's moving *again* from America to be nearer.

Lou : "So is there any point in me coming back to England?"
Chloe: "Erm, I don't know? I mean, if you wanna come, then do. Why were you going to move from America again anyway?"
Lou: "Because I miss you."
Chloe: "Oh."

Hmm, how dumb must I have sounded? "Oh." What a great comment when he's just said he's giving up his life over in America to be close to you.

Deep down, I'm incredibly impressed.
On the surface I must seem like I don't care.

I'm stupid.
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