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Last night was good......
I went and saw Dave, we sat and talked for a while about the usual stuff (Beer, metal, Goths, food, being fun do our conversations sound huh?) There was a guy called darren there, with the longest, straightest hair I have ever seen on a guy. It was amazing. None of us really knew him, but he was cool so we got to know him over the evening.....

Me and Dave ended up Kissing. I think it was when the DJ put some random emo song on, so we went downstairs where the whole floor just plays emo music all night. Haha. Dave's a real metalhead. He made me a cd, and said "I'll get it back off the DJ at the end of the night." Then spent most of the evening shouting "Darkane!Darkane"Darkane!" at the DJ until he played Lamb of God to shut him up tounge.gif

Well I got work today. 1-5.30pm.
Gah..... Should be fun. Hmm..... not.
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trashy_clo Don\'t look at me that way Jul 16th, 2005 3:30:03 pm - Subscribe
Ah yes.
I went out on Thursday night, and have a new breakthrough! I met a really sweet guy, called Rick. He's 17 (I'm 17 on 6th August) and he goes to a college near mine.

I made him stop smoking because everytime he went to light a cigarette I'd look at him with big, green, blinking eyes and pout grin.gif I'm so good at making people feel guilty! Anyway, his best friend Ruth didn't appear to like me much, but I was nice to her anyway. He was just really sweet.....

Last night, Rory, Dan and Rachel came over to mine for a few drinks and some food. My mum and dad were out for a meal with friends. They came back and Rachels mum was just picking her up (at 11.30pm) so they could go wait outside Borders for the new Harry Potter book....... Haha!

Me, Rory and Dan sat watching television into the wee small hours of the morning. We were talking about a guy who said to Dan "Yea I'm a drummer too, I practise my blast beats whilst I'm driving!" talking about bus drivers doing it happy.gif

Today work was fast, I was talking to a guy I work with called Dan, he's also really sweet, just a genuinely nice guy. I remember the first time I wore my hair down to work he came up to me (I was stood on fitting rooms for an hour) and said "You've got your hair down, looks so nice down!" and I was shocked he'd even noticed since no-one else had let on. happy.gif I told him it usually annoyed me wearing it down and he went "It looks nicer like that though!" Haha.......

So tomorrow I'm working again, I made Dan stand with me at fitting rooms and talk to me for 40 minutes today! I'll probably do the same tomorrow.......
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