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trashy_clo It seems it\'s you that\'s telling me..... - Subscribe

Wales was fun. Was there from Saturday til Tuesday, stayed in an old chapel, which had some really weird layout.

Anyway, I was released by the cult..... Sorry, I mean PARENTS on Friday night. I went out to the usual place, and drank and sat talking.

I met a new guy too. Well tbh, I didn't. He wasn't there. I'll tell you the story.
A few weeks ago, I was out at the usual place when I kept noticing this guy.

One of my friends befriended him (like you do!) and she put him on my MSN the other day so she could talk to him. She knows I really like this guy, she let me read the emails he'd sent her and he just seems like a nice person.

Anyhoo, I was back on MSN on Tuesday night, after Becky had gone home, and he started talking to me, just introducing himself etc. We were talking about being Straight edge (he's straight edge) and I told him I'd given up alcohol too, we were chatting about piercings, he said he'd noticed me before.....

Well I'm going out tonight too, and he'll be there. I know it's going to be good, I just hope I don't mess things up.I know Becky's planning (it's kinda mean) to use this new guy as her back-up plan if all falls through with the guy she says she's in love with. She knows I like this guy, but she knows him and I've only ever spoken to him on MSN.....Kinda silly on my half I guess, but he's such a nice guy and I think it's unfair she plans on using him as a rebound when she's told me "The only guy I'd ever go out with at the moment is Tony" (not the new guy, he's James)

Makes me wish the best for her and Tony, although I know she'll find some way to screw it up, always does when things are going well for her. I told her I like James and she laughed and said "Well.....Tough."

But then there's still the issue of The Boy. Haven't seen him for a long time (not counting the brief chat after our psychology exam last Thursday) and he's going to be there too. Gah...
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trashy_clo Say it again if you want to depress me Jun 2nd, 2005 10:43:50 am - Subscribe
Zoe's coming over in a while. She's meeting me at the store across the road, I'm going to buy some marshmallows and she'll probably just buy fags and then I have to fix her mohican up for her before we go out.

Ah..... Marshmallows.
I'm listening to an old album by The Rasmus. Kinda sounds like Ska..... It's very odd. If only they'd stayed that way, instead of their Finnish Pseudo-Goth album that we are now so accustomed to.

Can't help The Rasmus. Have they disappeared off planet Earth? They haven't released anything in ages.

Can't help The Rasmus, but I CAN buy Marshmallows and in a short while, I will.

Then I'll tell Zoe all about me/becky/The Boy/James/Tony
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trashy_clo I won\'t be a part of your Cultural appropriation Jun 3rd, 2005 8:40:38 am - Subscribe

Another friend, yet another tribal tattoo.
Fair enough, tribal tattos are pretty and look strikingly powerful at the top of someones arm, across their lower back. Bt even when people design their own, is it right to steal from another cultures values and traditions and make it our own?

I suppose many won't see it as theft, and if I sent this in an email, I would expect an influx of replies from friends with tribal tattoos/ kanji tattoos etc defending themselves.

I guess this will always go on. I'd honestly never consider tattoos of various religions gods, tribal iconography, or even Kanji tattoos.

They're kind of being devalued in a way. Imagine being a real part of that culture and seeing people who have no real understanding of the true meaning walking around flaunting important symbols of your culture on their bodies. I guess people just don't remember that alot of these icons have deep spiritual meanings to the cultures they originated from, spiritual meaning that are unlikely to be common value to other cultures.

I'm not trying to insult people with tattoos like such, just making a little recognised point, that some of the symbols we're taking for granted mean alot to some people, so if you plan on getting a mod involving another cultures symbols anytime in the future, please spare a moment and do some research into the meanings. Even if you're just getting a little inspiration from them, educate yourselves and you'll be treading carefully.

Hmm. Rant over.
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trashy_clo A get together to tear it apart Jun 3rd, 2005 9:36:54 am - Subscribe

Well, I went out last night expecting some major conflict of emotions, which, thankfully, I did not get.

A friend, Zoe, came to mine pretty early so I could fix up two mohicans for her. We got the bus down to town and walked up to our usual place.

An old friend of mine, Tom, was there, he left college a while ago and I haven't seen him for aaaages, so I was dragged to get pizza with him before we went in. I knew it was going to be a good night, regardless of what happened, because I saw the bassist from Seven Years in the pizza place and thought "hey, if S.Y.D are playing tonight, nothing will go wrong....."

The Boy wasn't there. Some guy approached me and "Hey, I don't know you, but he's not coming tonight, just thought I'd tell you......"
So I don't need to worry about sorting out how i feel about him until I see him next..... Not looking forward to that really.

Another annoyance occured: the guy I was speaking to over MSN was a no-show as well. Never.Mind.

I met some of Beckys other friends though, she drank quite alot and disappeared towards the end of the night. Worrying, since her dad was giving me and Zoe lifts home, so me and Zoe spent about 10 minutes searching the whole place for her. She was sat outside on the wall, crying.

We asked her why she was crying expecting some dramatic answer because she was drunk, and we got our dramatic answer, she was crying about being sick of everything etc etc. So Zoe went "Umm, you sure you're not just crying because you're happy??" And Becky changed her mind and decided she was happy, saying "I've got three best friends!" Shouting to everyone who emerged from the front doors.... Very strange night.....
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trashy_clo In a car underwater is where I\'ll be. R.I.P Jeff, 18 tomorrow, if only. Jun 6th, 2005 1:49:27 pm - Subscribe

I'm just some time.
We've decided to go out earlier than usual this week, get there before everyone else does, leave people pondering whether I'm going or not. Ha.....

My sister got the new System of a down cd "mezmerize" it's really good so far grin.gif A friend of mine, Ben, is going to see them in 8 days in Manchester somewhere. They sold out here before the tickets had been on sale for even an hour, such is demand.....

Well, here's the news: It's Jeffs birthday tomorrow, his 18th if only. He died last September, and I've missed him everyday since, he was the closest friend I've ever had. Took his own life because of alot of sh*t etc etc.

I expect a call off his other best friend, cesar, tomorrow, and I know I'll get that call.
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Todays music: System of a down - mezmerize album.