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trashy_clo Wasting the dawn - Subscribe
Hmm well where to start with this nice new blog.....
A bit about me? Well since I am so incredibly lazy grin.gif I'll do one of those annoying quizzes to fill you in on the info.... the good, the bad and the downright *obscure* happy.gif Please be nice now, kids!

DOB... August 6th

Place of birth... Manchester, UK

Where I've lived... Umm, Stockport (Full of chavs)

I play... I sing really badly, as in I've never learned how to play any particular instrument, I just make it up as I go along happy.gif Apart from that, I play mind games with people and make a game of (cruelly) sending people under when they've been smoking weed........

Favorite bands... Goldfrapp, Head Automatica, Demented are go, Minus, Mastodon, The Rocketz, Solitary Vice, Hallam, Homeless Joe Experience, Jimi Hendrix, The Distillers, H.I.M, Tiger Army, Depeche Mode, Erasure, The Clash, The Cure, The Bled, Pensive, Gary Numan, AFI, Gorillaz, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Healey, Robert Cray, Stevie Wonder.....

Favorite albums... Anything listed above..... Wouldn't it be easier to say that?

Favorite gig... The ones played in small venues.......

What I'm listening to right now... Depeche Mode - I feel loved happy.gif

Favorite movies... Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rush hour, Rush hour 2, Blue Streak, 187 (one eight seven), the waterboy, casablanca, bringing up baby, the bus stop, singin in the rain, training day, shaft.....

Favorite TV shows... I only really watch stuff that no-one else watches, such as documentaries on animals and stuff about people like King Arthur.... and desperate housewives happy.gif

Favorite Cartoon... Tom and Jerry, Daria, The Simpsons.....

TV shows I never miss... erm, none really. I'm not that into watching television....

Favorite books... Anything by Edgar Allen Poe, Ben Elton or Kathy Reichs, and the Malleus Maleficarum, as confusing as it may be.....

What I'm reading now... nothing.

Favorite website... myspace.

Favorite video games... None.

When I have time to waste, I like to... Waste it grin.gif

Favorite foods... Anything that's around that tastes nice and is edible at a moment when I am particularly hungry.

Favorite beverages... Cranberry juice, or vodka and cranberry, otherwise I'm a caffeine person. I tend to drink real ales or daquiris....

Favorite restaurants... Il Vesuvio, or the one at the top of Sydney Tower!

Favorite color... Orange, Green and black.

Favorite animals... Haven't really got one. Cats I suppose!

Dogs or cats... Cats........

Other interests... Music, oddities, curiosities, writing, drawing, sociology, psychology (although I'm dropping the course), body modifications, antiques.

What I think I'd be doing if I wasn't in a band... I'm not gonna be in the band forevere, so I'll hopefully end up running a piercings studio of my own happy.gif

People I admire... Hmm, Hendrix?

Pet peeves... There are too many to list, I live in a town full to the brim with chavs so there's always something to complain about.

Inspirations... Brody Dalle?

Superstitions... None

Fears... Burning alive.

My hope for the future... Umm, I want to do a sociology or art course when I get to Uni, then find something to work with involving that, or run a piercings and tattoos studio..
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Todays music: Depeche Mode

trashy_clo Because I like Atreyu? Mar 13th, 2005 4:06:13 pm - Subscribe
Meh,today was long and boring.Worked a four hour shift in jolly old Matalan.
Anyway, so I take a random "What kind of emo are you?" quiz on some quiz site and I get this result......

You're ! You're not Emo at all! You hate
those wussy little emo kids.

What Kind of Emo Kid are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Just because I answered that I liked Atreyu and that I'm not straight edge?? Hmm... Interesting.
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trashy_clo I\'ve lost all doubt in a chemical romance..... Mar 15th, 2005 3:47:05 pm - Subscribe
Just had a dear friend, Becky, around for a few hours. It conspires we are both after the same guys (hey, gotta keep your options open, right?) But never mind.....

We spent all evening listening to The Used and obsessing over them. Maybe that was just me?

Well anyway, yesterday I got news that my friend Dave is going to be alright after all, which is some relief.

He's stuck in a coma in a French hospital, although I have absolutely no idea which one, after taking (here's what the Doctor said) "Too much ". Well that's just f*cking great, isn't it? How does one take "Too much"? Any amount at all is too much, especially if you clearly specify to your nearest, dearest friends "I'm off the now, no more stupidness from me!"

Stupid guy. I don't know whether to feel sadness, anger, guilt or just pity him.

F*ck emotions.

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trashy_clo Judging from their T-Shirts, naturally. Mar 19th, 2005 1:44:38 pm - Subscribe
Hmm, today was surprisingly warm. It was one of those bizarre days I have where I can't decide if it's been good or bad. Work *dragged* and they let me go early because the heat was getting to me and I was ready to snap.

Anyway the band are here now, we're going to cover Rage Aginst the machines "Killin' in the name" for our first gig.

I remember our most difficult audience. We played songs we thought (judging from their t-shirts, naturally) they would like, but all night they were a pretty sh*t crowd to play to. Then I whispered to one of the guitarists "F*ck this crowd tonight" and he said "Let's play Killin' in the name!"

It was the first time we'd played it to any audience larger than the band and maybe 5 observers, so we didn't know if it would work. Luckily, the crowd loosened up. Hearing a crowd of people I had just branded "Difficult idiots" shouting along to "F*ck you I won't do what you tell me!!" created a good atmosphere, so we ended after that, on a natural high and loving the crowd.

So let's hope that feeling comes back around this time around, although we won't be playing the same underground clubs. Or at least I don't think we will.

Our first gig is the only one we have a set song-list for, which is pretty much how we usually do things, just take it from the first song (which this time will be a bizarre Depeche Mode cover song we mixed with one of our own songs) and judging by the audiences shirts, we go along with whatever songs we have up our sleeves.

For example, if the crowd are all wearing Slipknot, Mastodon or C.O.F shirts, they get heavy metal and maybe some electro-pop thrown in for measure.

If they are wearing The Clash, Blondie or The stranglers, they get something fitting..... it works all ways.

So I have no idea where this year will lead us.....

Oh well!Like usual, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
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trashy_clo Life shows no mercy Mar 19th, 2005 4:15:29 pm - Subscribe
Ahh, boredom reigns, and I found this quiz on someones emoblog, so....

Favorite . . .
Conditioner: Alberto Balsam
Body wash: Smells like Mandarins.
Shirt: Grey and pale pink stripes and a big red heart saying "My <3 belongs to Daddy"
Shoes: My chucks that I threw paint all over
Place to think: My room.
Place to update my blog: here at my computer.....

Have You Ever . . .
broken the law: Yes.
snuck out of the house: Yes.
skipped school before: When I was in school, yes.
been in a school play: Indeed I have
had a hard time getting over someone: It's not easy to get over your best friend dying, no.
been hurt?: Yes physically.
gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: Erm, no, not really.

Random . . .
if you were a crayon, what color would you be?: Orange.
Who was your last boyfriend/girlfriend? James, who was living under an assumed name (well, his middle name)
What are you thinking about right now? whether my new tartan skirt looks like chav style burberry or not?
Least favorite singers? Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua. *gags*

Love Life:
Do you have a boyfriend or friendNo.
Ever had your first kiss? Yes
if so, when? When I was 11 or 12
1st person you ever had a crush on? Um, I think it was *embarrassingly* Paul Ince, the footballer. I remember telling my dad I wanted to marry Paul Ince.

Craziest? Becky
Shyest? Gemma
Ditziest? Anna
Funniest? All of them
Most Honest? Nat
Weirdest? Charlie
Most Trustworthy? Gemma
Known the longest? Gemma
Most like me? Becky or James.
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Todays music: The Stranglers - No Mercy