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trashy_clo Sheena is a punk rocker - Subscribe
Talking to a good friend on msn at the moment. We are talking about our exes.

Yes, I'm talking to Kev, the guy who traipsed around after me and The Boy on Thursday, looking all sad because apparently he likes me.

He's pretty jolly today, apart from the fact he's complaining it's a bank holiday. I'm glad he's happy though.

I went to Manchester today. I bought some wedge heeled shoes, ALOT of bracelets, a shirt and a cd: "The very best of The Ramones", which is an amazingly good cd.

I'm actually looking forwards to tomorrow, despite the fact I have a Psychology essay exam to look forward to, I have assembly (blah) and only one free. Dammit. And i want to see The boy.

I have decided to go up to Kev and just hug him when I next see him. Hmm. Yes. That is the plan........
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Todays music: The Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker

trashy_clo When angels deserve to........ May 2nd, 2005 11:44:35 am - Subscribe
I'm back again.
I feel ill, I want it to be Wednesday already.

Wednesday will be good.
Only 2 hours in college.
I'll get ring donuts!
I'll wear my new wedge shoes and a skirt.

Yes.Wednesday will be good.

Tomorrow WON'T be good.
But I'll get over it and trudge on through the day.
Dum-de-dum style.

Thursday's going to be even better.
I'll go out again, to the club.
And I'll see The Boy.
And I'll get rid of my stalker.
Or maybe I'll share a drink with him, Like i did last week....

And On Friday, I'll go out to the club again.
And hope the doorman isn't to Becky again.
And Hope Trev doesn't get kicked out again.

Yep, Friday will be good too.

Maybe my voice will come back some time this week and I won't have a cold anymore.

Wow, I found my old school Rasmus cd. This rocks, because it's so sh*t tbh.

I think I'll dance to rebel yell tomorrow, some time after I've hassled Kev for some love and some attention!

Hmm. Bodyshop sells lovely lip butter.
In all sorts of wonderful fruity flavours.

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trashy_clo Sorry for this now but I have to hurt you May 4th, 2005 9:48:20 am - Subscribe
I was stroking Kevs hair today, and he said "I'm getting sick of all the sympathy" (he got a black eye on Friday)

I said: "I'm not giving you sympathy, I'm trying to be as patronising as possible to as many people as I can."


Well it was a slow day today. i'm trying to find work experience placements in an art gallery somewhere in Manchester. it's getting really difficult and my Dad keeps telling me to try some place near our house, which makes warning signs and stuff. No thanks!

Well, I'm out tomorrow night, and I'm already looking forwards to it. It's the only place I spend time alone with The Boy. I'll find him tomorrow and ask him if he's going.

Whenever I see him in college, usually same place, same time, he's with a load of his friends and someone out of my form. And Kev. So I go and say hi and he waves and kinda smiles.....

Hmm. Good memories of last Friday. A little strange though. I remember Rick trying to hang glowsticks off my neck bar. Very strange. And the weird chick who though I was interested in Rick, so she was all on the defensive..... She was strange. She's never seen The Boy, so I guess I understand why she thinks I like Rick. It's still weird, although Rick is good looking tbh.....

God I miss Jeff. It's nearly his birthday and I'm so sad I can't ring him like I did last year, the year before..... and say "HEY! It's your 18th! How do you feel?" Because he's not alive anymore. He took himself away from me, but I still love him. I suppose I'll spend his birthday looking through the photographs, the letters, the trinkets he gave me and the printed out messages from emails he sent me. And I'll wonder whether anyone has read those emails I sent to him in the weeks after he died, in the vain hope he'd still be alive. Sounds silly, I know, but one can hope.

Ah I'll go now..........

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trashy_clo Put me out cos I\'m on f*cking fire..... May 6th, 2005 10:53:40 am - Subscribe
Labour won the General Election that took place yesterday, so now i have to pay splendidly high fees just to be able to go to University next September. Wonderful.

So I'm fretting about that at the minute. I have no money as it is, I'm a student, it's tradition to be poor!Lol.

Anyway, things went really well with The Boy last night. Kevin still followed us around for a while, and kept appearing whenever I was alone with Boy. And The Boy got really uptight whenever Kev was sat near us, and sort of shrank away from me, because he thinks Kev still likes me.

Maybe Kevin DOES, but I think he's got someone else now, or so I was told today. He's not going to some silly party on Saturday because he's spending time with her......Or so I'm told!

I'm quite happy for him if he has found someone else, but it's weird at the same time thinking about how much I used to like him and how it broke my heart when I thought he was totally uninterested in me.


Anyway, I still have my emo stalker! I want to find out who he is, he's really good looking, but looks aren't everything, are they? not for me anyway. I kept seeing him last night. A couple of times when I saw him, he tried keeping eye contact, but I looked away.

He started walking towards me a few times but when The Boy appeared, he'd turn round! I want to know why he's always THERE, in my background, smiling at me lol.

Ah Aint things grand?

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trashy_clo The words you scribbled on the walls May 7th, 2005 12:06:58 pm - Subscribe
Well I had so much fun making an ass of myself dancing last night.
I was running around like a frantic woman posessed, shouting "WHat is this song called???I love it!" to every emo kid I saw. Most of them frowned at me, pouted and twiddled their lip rings, until i found one wearing a coheed & cambria shirt, who told me that it was Coheed & Cambria - Favour house Atlantic.

Oh I love that song happy.gif

In general, I tend not to like Coheed and Cambria, because as a rule, squeaky voices annoy me, like Eminem........ But I love that song.

Woke up 35 minutes before I was due to start work this morning, which I was NOT impressed with. Then I got into work and my timetable had been mysteriously changed so I was early anyway :@ Typical, so I worked from 11 anyway.

My Dad bought a huge tub of Orange, melon, kiwi and grape fruit salad from some farm.....
Mmmmm..... fresh fruit salad grin.gif
Even nicer when you don't have to make it yourself.

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Todays music: Coheed And Cambria - A favour house Atlantic.