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trashy_clo The joys of a new stretch - Subscribe
Just go for a stroll in the trees.....

Yes, I am listening to The Stranglers version of walk on by. I can't stand the other version, but I do so love The Stranglers.

Anyway, life is slow at the moment.

I went to a friends last night, we stayed out until about 2am and then descended on her crib and ate Jellybelly jellybeans until we felt sick, and drank lots of Pina Coladas.

My mother and father gave me £100 yesterday for easter as they bought my sister a shiny red electric guitar. £100 is the largest amount of money I've ever been given (to my knowledge anyway!) So I'm going to spend it wisely. I've got no choice anyway as my mum's got control of it.

She controls my wages too, because I spend every last penny, so I've commanded her to give me no more than £20 a week! But my next wage I'm spending on getting my NAPE PIERCED! Oh the joys of body modifications.

Anyway, I stretched my ear lobe again today. It's only the second stretch so the hols still look the same when they're empty. I've taken the second stud out of the lobe to allow my first one room to stretch without looking silly.

Now I'm left holding the tongue bar I originally stretched my lobe with, wondering what I'm going to do with it grin.gif *grin spreads across face* well, I've always wanted a barbell through my conch on my right ear..... maybe, just maybe, I'll get round to doing that at some point...

Until then, I'll sit admiring my ex's new tattoo (the used's hanging heart behind his right ear) and wondering when we're getting back together for a chat and a coffee..... Not until he's back in England, Chloe, not until he's back.....
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Todays music: The Stranglers - Peaches

trashy_clo Too cool for school Mar 22nd, 2005 7:56:45 am - Subscribe

Too cool for school: That's my new favourite saying. I'm feeling pretty cool today, bought the 3mm plug for my ear lobe, which is pretty strange as my ear isn't actually stretched to 3mm yet, nowhere near in fact! It's a black double flared plug with a yellow circle and a red star on one end.

Too cool for school: I'm wearing one of those retro woollen beanie hats that have the flaps over your ears and you can tie them if you *really* want to look like an idiot. Team that pink, black, blue and white hat with my new bright pink rollerdisco shirt (courtesy of charity store) and I feel like a geek!
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trashy_clo B-B-B-Benny and the Jets..... Mar 23rd, 2005 4:59:00 am - Subscribe
No, I am *not* listening to Elton John (although he's supercool), I just started mumbling to myself and found myself singing Benny and the Jets... Right.

Anyway, I'm awake early.... well early-ish. Considering my college has split up for the Easter holidays and I don't have to work today..... I could be lying in bed, annoyed that the sun is shining onto my face through the curtains, had I not promised my mother I'd go and meet her from work. I know what'll happen when I get there, she'll make me carry plastic bags full of cakes and bread home, then shout when they're all smushed sad.gif

So until I have to leave here, I'll sit here driking tea, typing and listening to Depeche Mode sing to me over a wonderuflly cheesy 80's techno beat. Wow. I Love Depeche Mode. "Don't say no, boys say go!" Nope, you *don't* get much cooler.

Well, after browsing the bme website for a good few weeks, Ye olde Chloe has decided she wants her lip pierced vertically. It just looks cool, and I could put a clear piercing retainer in it for work.....

Also, I've been adding to my tattoo design. I showed it to the guys who work at the studio near me, and they think it's damn cool, which it is, of course. I decided I want something pretty big, so we figured out that a half sleeve tattoo would be good enough, so i set to work designing away and after a couple of weeks, I have a few things that remind me of my friends thrown in their for good measure.

Anyway, I saw the greatest tattoo today, someone had the Depeche Mode "Enjoy the silence" rose tattooed up her side. it was very grand.

What a tribute.
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trashy_clo Jenny was a friend of mine Mar 23rd, 2005 9:45:16 am - Subscribe

Well now my sister has left the house, Chloe has descended on her computer to listen to The Killers and prat around creating videos on the webcam. The screen scares me and the keyboard is squishy and annoying.

Anyway. As much as I always said I didn't like The Killers, I'm a sucker for a mean bassline, so I plan on spending alot of time listening to "Jenny was a friend of mine" and eating neopolitan icecream.

Ohhhhh dammit. The track ended and Mr.Brightside came on. I think I've fallen in love. Damn me. Someone I know changed her surname to Brightside because of this song. Either that's the coolest thing ever, or the dumbest thing ever, I really can't decide.

Anyway,I've volunteered to hand out flyers and stuff at the 6th April Johnny Panic gig in Manchester, but I don't know what will come of it yet. I'll be very annoyed if nothing materialises and I'm left in a sort of dreamworld style limbo.

Atreyu have saved my soul, and I will be eternally grateful.

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Todays music: Atreyu - Aint love grand

trashy_clo Knock me out Mar 23rd, 2005 12:56:57 pm - Subscribe
"Knock me out and let me fall back to sleep"
The Used - All that I've got

I love the video.....
The way Jeph dances.
Quinn's hair.
Bert's eyelashes.
The drummers hat.
His bridge piercing.
The song.

I feel pretty calm.
My ear lobe hurts.
I stretched it up another size.
My dad poked the side of my head before.
He hit my ear lobe and it hurt. :@
He said the look of the taper through my ear makes him "want to vomit."

I'm pretty glad I can induce that feeling on someone.

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And this is too true.
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Todays music: The Used - All that I\'ve got.