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Because I like Atreyu? Mar 13th, 2005 4:06:13 pm - Subscribe
Mood | Atreyu
Todays music | Aint Love Grand

Meh,today was long and boring.Worked a four hour shift in jolly old Matalan.
Anyway, so I take a random "What kind of emo are you?" quiz on some quiz site and I get this result......

You're ! You're not Emo at all! You hate
those wussy little emo kids.

What Kind of Emo Kid are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Just because I answered that I liked Atreyu and that I'm not straight edge?? Hmm... Interesting.

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selma March 13th, 2005

that quiz sucks.
The ask "Vegetarian?" and then don't even have a "yes" option... wtf?

selma March 14th, 2005

yes, me too. Otherwise I probably wouldn't even have noticed that there's no yes option.

trashy_clo March 15th, 2005

I'm not vegetarian, but I did notice the only option was.... vegan.



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