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In the efforts of finding a blog that is more suited to my needs, I'm moving away from Aeonity.

You can now find me at my new-look blog
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Miranda TUI... (Typing Under The Influence) AGAIN! Jul 7th, 2006 8:58:33 am - Subscribe
Why do I always seem to remember I need to update my blog when I've had a couple? I'm currently on bundy number 2. grin.gif

I am currently typing 19 to the dozen ( I really don't get that statement, but it means a lot!) to Nathan, who isn't even replying, I'm just chatty right now. He's also the only one talking to me.

In other news, it appears I may have gotten a job. I had a second-round interview for a call centre on Tuesday, and they said they'd call by Close of Business on Wed evening. No call on my mobile. (and even though they had the wrong mobile number, I had ensured they had the correct one) thus, Wed evening I was feeling a bit miserable and a little surprised, being as I felt pretty confident about the whole interview.

Tonight, I am told... AFTER business hours they called the home phone on Wed and left a message for me. I listened to said message, and it means I may actually have a job! (yn)... which won't work in this, because (yn) is the symbol for fingers crossed in MSN.

So yay for that! I could so use some decent cash right now. Everything is just too expensive to consider really.

I had another singing lesson on Tuesday, and Daniel has given me "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones, which makes me happy. I love that song, and jazzy stuff just makes me right at home. Apparently Pa (my grandad) used to play Jazz for me when I was very small, which would explain my natural comfort in Jazz & blues

Anyhows, I'm finding typing entirely too hard so I'm off, and will let you know what happens when I call them back!

Love yas!

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