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I\'ve lost all doubt in a chemical romance..... Mar 15th, 2005 3:47:05 pm - Subscribe
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Just had a dear friend, Becky, around for a few hours. It conspires we are both after the same guys (hey, gotta keep your options open, right?) But never mind.....

We spent all evening listening to The Used and obsessing over them. Maybe that was just me?

Well anyway, yesterday I got news that my friend Dave is going to be alright after all, which is some relief.

He's stuck in a coma in a French hospital, although I have absolutely no idea which one, after taking (here's what the Doctor said) "Too much ". Well that's just f*cking great, isn't it? How does one take "Too much"? Any amount at all is too much, especially if you clearly specify to your nearest, dearest friends "I'm off the now, no more stupidness from me!"

Stupid guy. I don't know whether to feel sadness, anger, guilt or just pity him.

F*ck emotions.

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