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Judging from their T-Shirts, naturally. Mar 19th, 2005 1:44:38 pm - Subscribe
Mood | dandy
Todays music | The Faint - Call call

Hmm, today was surprisingly warm. It was one of those bizarre days I have where I can't decide if it's been good or bad. Work *dragged* and they let me go early because the heat was getting to me and I was ready to snap.

Anyway the band are here now, we're going to cover Rage Aginst the machines "Killin' in the name" for our first gig.

I remember our most difficult audience. We played songs we thought (judging from their t-shirts, naturally) they would like, but all night they were a pretty sh*t crowd to play to. Then I whispered to one of the guitarists "F*ck this crowd tonight" and he said "Let's play Killin' in the name!"

It was the first time we'd played it to any audience larger than the band and maybe 5 observers, so we didn't know if it would work. Luckily, the crowd loosened up. Hearing a crowd of people I had just branded "Difficult idiots" shouting along to "F*ck you I won't do what you tell me!!" created a good atmosphere, so we ended after that, on a natural high and loving the crowd.

So let's hope that feeling comes back around this time around, although we won't be playing the same underground clubs. Or at least I don't think we will.

Our first gig is the only one we have a set song-list for, which is pretty much how we usually do things, just take it from the first song (which this time will be a bizarre Depeche Mode cover song we mixed with one of our own songs) and judging by the audiences shirts, we go along with whatever songs we have up our sleeves.

For example, if the crowd are all wearing Slipknot, Mastodon or C.O.F shirts, they get heavy metal and maybe some electro-pop thrown in for measure.

If they are wearing The Clash, Blondie or The stranglers, they get something fitting..... it works all ways.

So I have no idea where this year will lead us.....

Oh well!Like usual, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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