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Life shows no mercy Mar 19th, 2005 4:15:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood | cool
Todays music | The Stranglers - No Mercy

Ahh, boredom reigns, and I found this quiz on someones emoblog, so....

Favorite . . .
Conditioner: Alberto Balsam
Body wash: Smells like Mandarins.
Shirt: Grey and pale pink stripes and a big red heart saying "My <3 belongs to Daddy"
Shoes: My chucks that I threw paint all over
Place to think: My room.
Place to update my blog: here at my computer.....

Have You Ever . . .
broken the law: Yes.
snuck out of the house: Yes.
skipped school before: When I was in school, yes.
been in a school play: Indeed I have
had a hard time getting over someone: It's not easy to get over your best friend dying, no.
been hurt?: Yes physically.
gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: Erm, no, not really.

Random . . .
if you were a crayon, what color would you be?: Orange.
Who was your last boyfriend/girlfriend? James, who was living under an assumed name (well, his middle name)
What are you thinking about right now? whether my new tartan skirt looks like chav style burberry or not?
Least favorite singers? Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua. *gags*

Love Life:
Do you have a boyfriend or friendNo.
Ever had your first kiss? Yes
if so, when? When I was 11 or 12
1st person you ever had a crush on? Um, I think it was *embarrassingly* Paul Ince, the footballer. I remember telling my dad I wanted to marry Paul Ince.

Craziest? Becky
Shyest? Gemma
Ditziest? Anna
Funniest? All of them
Most Honest? Nat
Weirdest? Charlie
Most Trustworthy? Gemma
Known the longest? Gemma
Most like me? Becky or James.

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