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Wasting the dawn Mar 11th, 2005 3:38:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood | decadent
Todays music | Depeche Mode

Hmm well where to start with this nice new blog.....
A bit about me? Well since I am so incredibly lazy grin.gif I'll do one of those annoying quizzes to fill you in on the info.... the good, the bad and the downright *obscure* happy.gif Please be nice now, kids!

DOB... August 6th

Place of birth... Manchester, UK

Where I've lived... Umm, Stockport (Full of chavs)

I play... I sing really badly, as in I've never learned how to play any particular instrument, I just make it up as I go along happy.gif Apart from that, I play mind games with people and make a game of (cruelly) sending people under when they've been smoking weed........

Favorite bands... Goldfrapp, Head Automatica, Demented are go, Minus, Mastodon, The Rocketz, Solitary Vice, Hallam, Homeless Joe Experience, Jimi Hendrix, The Distillers, H.I.M, Tiger Army, Depeche Mode, Erasure, The Clash, The Cure, The Bled, Pensive, Gary Numan, AFI, Gorillaz, Jeff Buckley, Jeff Healey, Robert Cray, Stevie Wonder.....

Favorite albums... Anything listed above..... Wouldn't it be easier to say that?

Favorite gig... The ones played in small venues.......

What I'm listening to right now... Depeche Mode - I feel loved happy.gif

Favorite movies... Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rush hour, Rush hour 2, Blue Streak, 187 (one eight seven), the waterboy, casablanca, bringing up baby, the bus stop, singin in the rain, training day, shaft.....

Favorite TV shows... I only really watch stuff that no-one else watches, such as documentaries on animals and stuff about people like King Arthur.... and desperate housewives happy.gif

Favorite Cartoon... Tom and Jerry, Daria, The Simpsons.....

TV shows I never miss... erm, none really. I'm not that into watching television....

Favorite books... Anything by Edgar Allen Poe, Ben Elton or Kathy Reichs, and the Malleus Maleficarum, as confusing as it may be.....

What I'm reading now... nothing.

Favorite website... myspace.

Favorite video games... None.

When I have time to waste, I like to... Waste it grin.gif

Favorite foods... Anything that's around that tastes nice and is edible at a moment when I am particularly hungry.

Favorite beverages... Cranberry juice, or vodka and cranberry, otherwise I'm a caffeine person. I tend to drink real ales or daquiris....

Favorite restaurants... Il Vesuvio, or the one at the top of Sydney Tower!

Favorite color... Orange, Green and black.

Favorite animals... Haven't really got one. Cats I suppose!

Dogs or cats... Cats........

Other interests... Music, oddities, curiosities, writing, drawing, sociology, psychology (although I'm dropping the course), body modifications, antiques.

What I think I'd be doing if I wasn't in a band... I'm not gonna be in the band forevere, so I'll hopefully end up running a piercings studio of my own happy.gif

People I admire... Hmm, Hendrix?

Pet peeves... There are too many to list, I live in a town full to the brim with chavs so there's always something to complain about.

Inspirations... Brody Dalle?

Superstitions... None

Fears... Burning alive.

My hope for the future... Umm, I want to do a sociology or art course when I get to Uni, then find something to work with involving that, or run a piercings and tattoos studio..

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marlene March 11th, 2005

Welcome to EmoBlog!

joanne March 12th, 2005

I like Cran and vodka too..welcome to Emo Blog! Enjoy!

inevertold March 23rd, 2005

AHHH you live in stockport! i lived there till i was 15. (4 years ago now) tis the place of chavs indeed! wat school did you/do you go to?



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