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<3 Cooking With Rachel

Feb 8th, 2005 9:32:20 pm - Subscribe

School was boring but whatever.... after it i went to the libary and got cooking books with rachel and her dad and we went to the mejirs and got what we needed and came back to rachel's dads and made out food we had: pineapple sausa, sweet potato and pineapple, shsiko-bobs, and banana foster it was so good i about creamed myself a few times but she comed me down then my dad got me at like... 9 and i came back and sat around then typed about what i did...

Good night
mood: cool
Music: Across Five Aprils
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<3 Bored

Feb 7th, 2005 8:41:50 pm - Subscribe

Well today i went to school and sat around and me and rachel got in a fight cause i told her i was sick of feeling bad cause shes always feeling bad and we talked out later on after school i went to shawns for like a hour and layed on the couch then came up to my house and layed down for a bitch and then i came to fill you in on my wonderful boring life....

Rachel... my everything
Rachel... my heart is yours
mood: unreal
Music: As i Lay Dying
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<3 My First Happy Sunday

Feb 6th, 2005 9:47:28 pm - Subscribe

Well i got up at 11:30 all swore from the show yesterday and called rachel to tell her im feeling better then i sat around on the computer doing nothing tel about 6 when she came over!!
We hung out and i made her popcorn and we watched a little bit of a move and her dad came and got her at 9:45 and then i came down here to fill you in...


i love
y o u...
mood: audacious
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<3 Concert

Feb 5th, 2005 11:18:14 pm - Subscribe

Well i woke up called rachel and told her to meet me at the show at: 7pm, then i went down to shawns and sat around tell 6:45 then left to go intown for the concert then we stood around while the shitty bands played then and the sky went red played they fucking rock, i hardcore danced for a little bit then some fucking idiots that don't know what a hardcore mosh is they fucking headbutted me in the stomach and i was coffing up blood... fucking idiots ....

hardcore/metal = hardcore dancing...
punk = push and shove...
learn your moves learn to mosh...

Well then i went up front and sang with austin the singer for and the sky went red then drone report played they rocked but not as good as and the sky went red then it was over and rachel's dad drove me home and now i came back to fill you in...
mood: beat
Music: And The Sky Went Red
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<3 Funday with Rachel

Feb 4th, 2005 8:30:46 pm - Subscribe

Well i got up went to school then after school i went downtown with rachel and her mom and we split up and me and rachel went to d and d records then we went to the dish and then to downtown skateshop then we went and meet her mom and went out to eat at the red misa grill!!! omg it was so good everything was wonderful then we went back to her house and we snuggled and played with legos and pictures then my dad came and got me and i came back to fill you guys in...
mood: lucky
Music: Atreyu
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<3 Boring/Fun - Yesterday/Today

Feb 3rd, 2005 6:15:20 pm - Subscribe

I went to school sat around did bullshit then went home to shawns and snowskated and made a huge snow penis is his yard and humped it had cars passed then i went home and sat around then talked to rachel then bed....

I woke up went to school hanged out with rachel and went to class(class is boring) then after school i went to her dad's and snuggled on the couch with her then her mom came to get her then my dad came to get me and i left and came home and cooked then came down here to talk to rachel and fill you in...

mood: careless
Music: Saves the Day
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<3 Wowzers,

Feb 1st, 2005 7:21:49 pm - Subscribe

Well today i got up and i was all depressed cause rachel and i got in a fight on the phone so i tried to hurry up to get to school and it took a while but i got there like 3 mins before class and we talked someone and we didn't have enough time to figure it out tell lunch then everything was ok.....
Then i finished up school for the day and she came with me home and we made food was like: chicken noodle soup with peas carrots then we hung out in my room and sauna then her mom came and picked her up and then my parents left to the casino so now im here all... alone....

mood: sexy
Music: STORE
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<3 ....ZzZz... Boring

Jan 31st, 2005 8:50:57 pm - Subscribe

Well...Nothing Cool...
i got up at 7:20 took a shower and got dressed and went and got shawn off to school then we got there i saw rachel and melted onto the floor SO FUCKING SEXY!!!!!
then i walked her to class kissed her and went to class sat around all day....
After school i went out and ate and then came home and played with some techno and was mixing and making songs then i got bored to fill you in on a shitty day...
mood: well
Music: The Faint
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<3 Fun... Yesterday/Today

Jan 30th, 2005 7:25:00 pm - Subscribe

Yesterday i came home late so i didn't have time to do a blog but heres tommorow and today:

i woke up at 11:30 am and called rachel and then i took a shower and got ready and shoveled the driveway then rachel showed up we hanged out in my room for a bit and snuggled and took a nap cause we both got no sleep my alarm went off at 7:15 and we got ready and left to go the the bowling ally, we got there and brittney brandon and nicole were already there but no lanes were open for a hour so we left and went to the mall we went and ate at johnathan b pub then went to the movies and watched finding neverland... it was alright i like being with rachel, then my dad came and got me and i went home and sat around then fell asleep,

i woke up took a shower called rachel and chated for a bit then i went down to shawns and sat around all day waiting for him to get up he got up at 6:23 pm LOL but then i left at 7 pm to come back home then i ate chilly and came down here to fill you in...
happy.gif tounge.gif
mood: blessed
Music: belle and sebastion
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<3 Rachel :)

Jan 28th, 2005 5:49:07 pm - Subscribe

Well everyone has been bugging me about her well here she is:

Shes.... the girl of my dreams
Shes.... the girl im gonna marry
Shes.... the girl im gonna have kids with
Shes.... the girl im gonna grow old with
Shes.... the girl im gonna spend the rest of my life with
Shes.... the most beautiful girl in the world
Shes.... flawless
Shes.... the girl i love
Shes.... the girl i will always love
Shes.... the girl i will only love

i love you Rachel.... So much

im so lucky....
im so spoiled....
mood: spoiled
Music: Hidden in Plain View
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<3 Exam week day 5

Jan 28th, 2005 4:51:34 pm - Subscribe

Well heres the end of the days of hell and torture.... exams are over well they were yesterday...
Today i woke up and got ready for school and left for shawn then school we got to school and went to our lockers rachel was there and i ran and kissed her then picked her up hugging her to death cause today was her b-day then the bell rang and we went to class... i sat around for 3 hours cause i already did exams i didn't even have to go to school but i did for rachel... 3 hours of boredom for 10 mins... its well worth it
After school i went to the mall to get this ink thing removed from her shirt they forgot to get it off when i bought it then i went home and rapped up her gifts: earrings, and 2 really cool shirts then i went to her dads house...
I got there and gave her, her presents to open she sat there and opened them and she liked them...(THANK GOD) then opened my moms and it was a really nice neckless then my mom left and we sat around listening to music. her sister showed up and we ate cake onec she got there then sat for a bit then her sister drove me home...
I don't know.. i think shes mad at me but i don't know why im just panicing really bad im going to be intell she calls me ahhh please hurry i want to die i feel like i did something wrong but i know theres nothing i did... anyways i got home and came down here to fill you in cause my day is done only panic attacks the rest of the night intell she calls me.... im so worked up... i can't stop crying.... im that paranoid of what it is... its probably nothing lets hope so...
mood: unhappy
Music: Saosin
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<3 Exam week day 4

Jan 27th, 2005 7:25:03 pm - Subscribe

Well i woke up at 7:25 took a shower got ready and went and got shawn staight to school we go....
We got at school and walked straight to our lockers his is across from mine but rachel was there and i kissed her and hugged her..i hate letting go.. then i walked her to her class and wished luck on her exam and i went to my class german 2 and took the exam it was really easy then after school me shawn and my mom went shopping for rachel cause tommorow is her birthday, while rachel was at crystal mountain then we came back home we snowboarded and snowskated then we sat around and ate pizza then me and shawn went down to his house and sat around somemore and then i came back up and pierced my ears with my dad then i came downstairs to fill you guys and gals how my day went oh it went good...
mood: charming
Music: Eleven Minutes Away
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<3 Exam week day 3

Jan 26th, 2005 5:42:53 pm - Subscribe

Today went like....
i woke up at 7:20am jumped up and got in the shower got out did my hair and got dressed then went to shawns to get him we drove to school, it was half a day yay!!! then found rachel in the morning we got into a fight yesterday night its stupid i don't want to talk about it but i do want to say... no fights would ever split us apart only cheating but that will never happened cause both of our parents devorced but my parents came back together but hers didn't sad.gif but anyways i meet her at our locker and talked it out and hugged her and kissed her and wished luck on her chem exam i had enviromental science exam was really easy anyways... we got out at 11:23am
After school rachel came over to my house and we hanged out in my room watching t.v for a bit then i took her up stairs and made her strawberry muffins and grilledcheese sandwich and we had icecream yay and i got naked and got in the hot tub lol and then i got out about... 3:20pm and we sat around for 40 mins waiting for her dad and snuggling cause her tummy hurt... then she left at 4:00 and i went and shoveled my driveway and came back in at 5:30 and sat around then got on here cause im done today, the rest = sitting..
mood: heavenly
Music: It Dies Today
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<3 Exam week day 2

Jan 25th, 2005 6:32:25 pm - Subscribe

it goes like....

i woke up took shower got ready and went picked up shawn went to school found rachel kissed here and huged her and wished luck on her exam then went to class i had modern world history sad.gif i didn't even try cause if i got 100% i would have still got a f on the report card then after that i meet up with rachel we had lunch then back to class i had geometry this time it was easy and all... yep then went to shawns and sat around and watched a movie then i came up here at 7:00pm then got on here to type it out boring huh.... lol
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Music: Blessed by a Broken Heart
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<3 Exam week day 1

Jan 24th, 2005 6:51:00 pm - Subscribe


i woke up today at 7:00am to get ready for school took a shower and did my hair then left at 7:25 to get at school early to see rachel....
so i went to shawns house and the roads were icy so when we stoped we slid right by then reverse and got him then frozen in the car all the way to school....
I got to school went straight to my locker to see rachel and snuck up and huged her and kissed her a bunch then the warning bell rang so i ran to class for 3 hours for our exam i got out at... 11:12am then went to the store and got guitar strings then went home...
i sat around for a little bit then went down to shawns no one was there but vince we watched a movie then tom and shain showed up and we played hacky sack for like 5 hours then i came home at 7:00 pm then called rachel... shes sad about school it breaks my heart when she upset i wish i was with her.... then i had to eat then i got icecream and came here to type my day....
mood: fine
Music: Hopesfall
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<3 Wakeup Fun With Rachel

Jan 23rd, 2005 8:28:53 pm - Subscribe


Today i woke up at 9:45 and took a shower and got all dressed up warm and rachel and her dad came to my house and got me..
We drove to crystal mountain to snowboard the whole ride i wanted to jump onto rachel and kiss her to death cause she was giving me sexy looks with her beautiful blue eyes then we went in to the building and got my pass and rented equipment cause it was my first time...
Me and Rachel split and went snowboarding on some little hills the first 3 runs i fell on my ass alot but then i got it and i could do it pretty good now yay! then we went and meet her dad at the lodge at 4:45 then we went back home..and i sat around then went down to shawns sat around then came back up to my house to sit around lol what fun...
My ass kills...lol it will be ok
mood: gorgeous
Music: Across Five Aprils
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<3 Was i dreaming?

Jan 22nd, 2005 9:48:00 pm - Subscribe

The day goes...

I walk up at 8:15am to my mom at my door she tells me the roads are to bad from all the snow we got(4/6 inches) and that were not going to gladwin and rachel knows...
so i got back to sleep and woke up at 11:15am and called rachel and talked to her for like 30 mins then she came over to my house we hung out tell like 5pm then went into town and got stuff to make our food and we cooked eggrolls and green beans - yummi! it was funny i made the green beans with galic, butter and dried red peppers and when i broke up the red peppers i forgot to wash my hands and i rubed my eye.... oh i saw hell the fire the ones before me burning.. i was burning then i ran to the sink and throw water on it.... cause it was the first thing in mind was put the fire out(=water) lets just say it made it roar then i wiped it out then i was all ok...
after that i snuggled afterwords with rachel tell 10pm when my dad got me then i came back home and now im here.
mood: delighted
Music: The Faint
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<3 Lets get personal...

Jan 21st, 2005 10:12:36 pm - Subscribe

Ok this is how it goes....

Yesterday night i finally realized something... something very important about who i am. So as soon as i knew that i had to tell my girl friend(rachel).... now this is where you take a dagger to my heart cause its melted inside my chest... anyways she freaked out and i told her though i am like i will always love her more than anyone and like i want to marry here and have kids and grow old with her i just had to tell her our we wouldn't be honest and trusty with each other... its wierd to say cause like about the bi thing like i could do stuff with guys but i don't cause im in love with rachel and were gonna get married and like the bi form is wierd cause like i couldn't get sexual i could only kiss and touch but its wierd i guess im kinda but like kinda not cause i wouldn't have sex with a guy thats just not right...all i know is i love rachel and im gonna marry her and no one is gonna stop me. ok anyways...
The next morning i felt like she hated me but then onec i got to talk to her at lunch she was just scared, scared i was gonna leave her(i would rather die from a chemical burn) that would never happened my love for her is beyound anyones mind. So we talked it out and she came over after school and we are so much closer now cause of the honesty and ... we had *** for the first time and it was amazing even though i suck at stuff like that, but it felt so good to be so in love with someone so beautiful and with a great personality... GOSH im so crazy then after words i snuggled with her and told her how crazy i am about her and that she doesn't need to worry about me i will always be with her no matter what and like that i wouldn't have had sex if i didn't want to spin the rest of my life with her that was like the breaking point showing that im 100% sure im ready to be with her forever....
Later her dad came and got us we went to the store and got food to make dinner... we do a thing every week and make food from a different country today was greek we had some really good food! ohh man did you guys miss out!!!! oh yea im off probation!!! i got my letter today, no more hell, no more drama....
mood: wonderful
Music: Saves the Day
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<3 About Me

Jan 20th, 2005 8:08:00 pm - Subscribe

Well im bored... and you don't know me so here it goes...


Name: Trent
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 12-19-88
City: Traverse City
State: Michigan
Hobbies: Rachel, Music, Art
Food: Ramen, Pancakes, Icecream
Cafe Drink: Chai Tea or Swiss Mocha
Music Types: Emo/Metal/Hardcore/Techno/Retro/Rock/Indie/Screamo
mood: braindead
Music: Farewell Unknown
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<3 Day so Good Day so Not

Jan 20th, 2005 7:06:38 pm - Subscribe

Well whats there to say.......

i went to school had great time with rachel in the halls then i had to find out im not gonna pass my modern world history class and to top that off my parents are gonna sell my car.... oh life is sweet oh life is shit anyways after school i went to lugi's and ate then went to shawns... sat around and did nothing... then my mom came and got me and i told her and she flipped out on me... can't wait to here my dead slit my throat...

........i love you, rachel


Many hours ago took off my coat and faced a cold
A language that I am familiar with
In my mind
I'm striking you dead but your absolutely fabulous
Diamond eyes shoot your scars and fake a smile
You're olive
And easily crushed

Well maybe I'll try this time
For my friends
Because tonight is for all of them
And someday
I'll make you mine

A billion hours ago choked on the coal stuck in my throat
A feeling that I am familiar with
Razor wrists lie the gorgeous words that will put her under my skin
But I'm alone again

Well maybe I'll try this time
For my friends
Because tonight is for all of them
And someday
I'll make you mine

Hey Cinderella
Hey Cinderella
I'm a viscous admirer
A fairy tale liar
A fairy tale liar

Well maybe I'll try this time
For my friends
Because tonight is for all of them
And someday
I'll make you mine

mood: worthless
Music: Northstar
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