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trent Coming Back - Subscribe
Well i haven't been on this in awhile....
So i made a new layout and deleted entries
time to start all over....

Well today is boring we didn't have school so i sat around and talked to my rachel(g/f) shes so amazing !! talked from like 11am-3pm then i got off the phone took a shower made pancakes then sat around oh yea its my moms birthday... was i a slave happy.gif uhhh i miss rachel lol...

the only fights i want to have
are the i love you mores happy.gif
Mood: love
Music: Appleseed Cast

trent Day so Good Day so Not Jan 20th, 2005 7:06:38 pm - Subscribe
Well whats there to say.......

i went to school had great time with rachel in the halls then i had to find out im not gonna pass my modern world history class and to top that off my parents are gonna sell my car.... oh life is sweet oh life is shit anyways after school i went to lugi's and ate then went to shawns... sat around and did nothing... then my mom came and got me and i told her and she flipped out on me... can't wait to here my dead slit my throat...

........i love you, rachel


Many hours ago took off my coat and faced a cold
A language that I am familiar with
In my mind
I'm striking you dead but your absolutely fabulous
Diamond eyes shoot your scars and fake a smile
You're olive
And easily crushed

Well maybe I'll try this time
For my friends
Because tonight is for all of them
And someday
I'll make you mine

A billion hours ago choked on the coal stuck in my throat
A feeling that I am familiar with
Razor wrists lie the gorgeous words that will put her under my skin
But I'm alone again

Well maybe I'll try this time
For my friends
Because tonight is for all of them
And someday
I'll make you mine

Hey Cinderella
Hey Cinderella
I'm a viscous admirer
A fairy tale liar
A fairy tale liar

Well maybe I'll try this time
For my friends
Because tonight is for all of them
And someday
I'll make you mine

Mood: worthless
Music: Northstar

trent About Me Jan 20th, 2005 8:08:00 pm - Subscribe
Well im bored... and you don't know me so here it goes...


Name: Trent
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 12-19-88
City: Traverse City
State: Michigan
Hobbies: Rachel, Music, Art
Food: Ramen, Pancakes, Icecream
Cafe Drink: Chai Tea or Swiss Mocha
Music Types: Emo/Metal/Hardcore/Techno/Retro/Rock/Indie/Screamo
Mood: braindead
Music: Farewell Unknown

trent Lets get personal... Jan 21st, 2005 10:12:36 pm - Subscribe
Ok this is how it goes....

Yesterday night i finally realized something... something very important about who i am. So as soon as i knew that i had to tell my girl friend(rachel).... now this is where you take a dagger to my heart cause its melted inside my chest... anyways she freaked out and i told her though i am like i will always love her more than anyone and like i want to marry here and have kids and grow old with her i just had to tell her our we wouldn't be honest and trusty with each other... its wierd to say cause like about the bi thing like i could do stuff with guys but i don't cause im in love with rachel and were gonna get married and like the bi form is wierd cause like i couldn't get sexual i could only kiss and touch but its wierd i guess im kinda but like kinda not cause i wouldn't have sex with a guy thats just not right...all i know is i love rachel and im gonna marry her and no one is gonna stop me. ok anyways...
The next morning i felt like she hated me but then onec i got to talk to her at lunch she was just scared, scared i was gonna leave her(i would rather die from a chemical burn) that would never happened my love for her is beyound anyones mind. So we talked it out and she came over after school and we are so much closer now cause of the honesty and ... we had *** for the first time and it was amazing even though i suck at stuff like that, but it felt so good to be so in love with someone so beautiful and with a great personality... GOSH im so crazy then after words i snuggled with her and told her how crazy i am about her and that she doesn't need to worry about me i will always be with her no matter what and like that i wouldn't have had sex if i didn't want to spin the rest of my life with her that was like the breaking point showing that im 100% sure im ready to be with her forever....
Later her dad came and got us we went to the store and got food to make dinner... we do a thing every week and make food from a different country today was greek we had some really good food! ohh man did you guys miss out!!!! oh yea im off probation!!! i got my letter today, no more hell, no more drama....
Mood: wonderful
Music: Saves the Day

trent Was i dreaming? Jan 22nd, 2005 9:48:00 pm - Subscribe
The day goes...

I walk up at 8:15am to my mom at my door she tells me the roads are to bad from all the snow we got(4/6 inches) and that were not going to gladwin and rachel knows...
so i got back to sleep and woke up at 11:15am and called rachel and talked to her for like 30 mins then she came over to my house we hung out tell like 5pm then went into town and got stuff to make our food and we cooked eggrolls and green beans - yummi! it was funny i made the green beans with galic, butter and dried red peppers and when i broke up the red peppers i forgot to wash my hands and i rubed my eye.... oh i saw hell the fire the ones before me burning.. i was burning then i ran to the sink and throw water on it.... cause it was the first thing in mind was put the fire out(=water) lets just say it made it roar then i wiped it out then i was all ok...
after that i snuggled afterwords with rachel tell 10pm when my dad got me then i came back home and now im here.
Mood: delighted
Music: The Faint