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<3 Concert

Feb 5th, 2005 11:18:14 pm - Subscribe

Well i woke up called rachel and told her to meet me at the show at: 7pm, then i went down to shawns and sat around tell 6:45 then left to go intown for the concert then we stood around while the shitty bands played then and the sky went red played they fucking rock, i hardcore danced for a little bit then some fucking idiots that don't know what a hardcore mosh is they fucking headbutted me in the stomach and i was coffing up blood... fucking idiots ....

hardcore/metal = hardcore dancing...
punk = push and shove...
learn your moves learn to mosh...

Well then i went up front and sang with austin the singer for and the sky went red then drone report played they rocked but not as good as and the sky went red then it was over and rachel's dad drove me home and now i came back to fill you in...
mood: beat
Music: And The Sky Went Red
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February 06th, 2005

yeah its pretty crazy how there are soo many nuances to moshing..someone should write a book on concert dance moves for every genre of music-that way clueless kids would learn and... the world would discover skanking-sweet.

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