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<3 Exam week day 5

Jan 28th, 2005 4:51:34 pm - Subscribe

Well heres the end of the days of hell and torture.... exams are over well they were yesterday...
Today i woke up and got ready for school and left for shawn then school we got to school and went to our lockers rachel was there and i ran and kissed her then picked her up hugging her to death cause today was her b-day then the bell rang and we went to class... i sat around for 3 hours cause i already did exams i didn't even have to go to school but i did for rachel... 3 hours of boredom for 10 mins... its well worth it
After school i went to the mall to get this ink thing removed from her shirt they forgot to get it off when i bought it then i went home and rapped up her gifts: earrings, and 2 really cool shirts then i went to her dads house...
I got there and gave her, her presents to open she sat there and opened them and she liked them...(THANK GOD) then opened my moms and it was a really nice neckless then my mom left and we sat around listening to music. her sister showed up and we ate cake onec she got there then sat for a bit then her sister drove me home...
I don't know.. i think shes mad at me but i don't know why im just panicing really bad im going to be intell she calls me ahhh please hurry i want to die i feel like i did something wrong but i know theres nothing i did... anyways i got home and came down here to fill you in cause my day is done only panic attacks the rest of the night intell she calls me.... im so worked up... i can't stop crying.... im that paranoid of what it is... its probably nothing lets hope so...
mood: unhappy
Music: Saosin
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avatar marlene

January 28th, 2005

You must really be in love with her to have this worry you so much.

avatar trent

January 28th, 2005

yea i am... shes everything to me



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