turning the car around and going HOME!
Date: Jun 2nd, 2008 4:40:00 am - Subscribe
Mood: Happy

I am free. Free in my own mind. Whirling, swirling, twirling in happiness. Light as air, too far from the ground with relief.

Soon, all this shall be over. I am returning to my first love: The english language.

I don't mean to discriminate and exclude the many other beautiful languages out there, this is, simply, the only language that I have... I am returning HOME, to myself.

I am changing paths, a little, again to become more myself.

My life is a stone and I am carving myself out of it pebble by pebble. I am closer to my dream. I have accepted fate. I like it. I love it... I have gained all I need here, and am ready to move on.

I made this decision today, and it made the world make sense. I am becoming again, what I always was deep down. THANK FUCK!

Perhaps, just maybe, (the bald man had no hair), this therapy caper is working. I can see the self satisfaction seeping out of my therapist when I make progress, but I refuse to get into that... not now. I can't corrode this.
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