walking out is harder to do than you think.
Date: Jun 12th, 2008 7:16:23 am - Subscribe
Mood: neurotic

Why is it that a person can feel completely fine until they walk into a therapist's office. I challenge you to find me someone who won't consider themselves a little mad after subjection to the intensity associated with the medicinal confessional that is my therapists offices...

Today I felt fine, balanced. Unmotivated, definitely but still, fine enough in my life. But step into that office, and I am again disintegrated into the ball of raw sinew and fuckery that I have come to associate with these sessions.

I left early.
I hated myself for the lack of commitment.
I am successfully conditioned to deteriorate in small rooms with high ceilings and yellow walls... my god-- the walls in my house are ALL YELLOW... (not my choice).

So here I am feeling totally shit about the whole experience, and assured by the many voices of judgement within me that not one soul will give a shit. Good on you if you do.

Its a wonderful place inside my head. I think I'll go to sleep.

night world.

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end-of - June 13th, 2008
I thoroughly agree. Sometimes we are so much better off not picking ourselves apart to find out what's "wrong".
I also agree about the yellow walls.
Anyway, I hope you're at least feeling somewhat better today. Sometimes walking out makes a pretty big difference.


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