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trueblue81 Our Love - Subscribe
I wonder if I’m still in love with you.
I wonder if you’re still in love with me.
Could it be all in my dreams?
Or are my thoughts trying to bring you back to me.
Could our love for each other still be that strong?
Or is it that our love is just made for us.
Can we love another person and still love each other.
Or can it be that it was meant to happen this way to see, feel, and grow.
To once again love each other in the way we once loved each other.
Could I love a man and still have my heart beat for you.
Could you love a woman and still have your heart beat for me.
Are you the one that got away?
Am I the one that got away?
If I wasn’t still hurt that day you asked me to be your wife in front of the church.
Would we have made it all the way?
Would our love have stayed strong for so long.
For I have all these questions but no answers.
Just a feeling in my heart that won’t go away.
I know you’re my first true love.
I know that I’m your only true love.
But are we soul mates?
Or are we just one being living different lives.
Could our love be that strong that it keeps holding on for this long?

Mood: interested
Poetry: yes

trueblue81 Beauty May 6th, 2007 1:17:58 am - Subscribe
Beauty comes from the soul.
Beauty makes you whole.
Beauty is the understanding you have with your body.
Beauty is you.

Beauty is the way you carry yourself.
Beauty is how you feel.
Beauty is knowing what you want.
Beauty is you.

Beauty is your smile.
Beauty is your eyes.
Beauty is your heart.
Beauty is you.

Beauty is what you make it.
Beauty is everything in you.
Beauty is in the eyes of the lover.
Beauty is you.

Beauty is not only how you feel.
Beauty is what you present yourself as.
Beauty is how you walk.
Beauty is you.
Mood: merry
Poetry: yes

trueblue81 You (poem) May 7th, 2007 12:06:34 am - Subscribe
I thought about you again today this warmth and pain just won't go away.
Sleepless nights and endless days consume me in everyway.
I try not to think about the pain of the broken heart you gave me when you went away.
I never thought love could be this way.
The complications that life could bring.
A love so true it shouldn't be kept away.

I thought about you agian today wanting to see your face again.
To hold you in my arms and to kiss your soft lips.
And to feel your arms around me once again.
To hear your soft gentle voice calm my fears away and reasure me that love is real.
To see your smile oh what a sweet smile you have it brightens up my day.

But oh what sweet sorrow it is to think about you.
The harsh words that comes out of your mouth.
The painful way in which you turned your back on me in my time of need.
The words of hope given to me that turned out to be lies.

Oh but what sorrow you bring knowing that love didn't mean a thing.
When once you told me to believe in a thing called love, when you didn't believe in it yourself.
And oh how i love thee even though everything is going wrong.
And oh how i just wish to give love another try with you.

Mood: lovely
Poetry: yes

trueblue81 Meet Me May 7th, 2007 12:13:53 am - Subscribe
Meet me at the garden gates so we can take a walk.
Meet me in the city so we can talk.
Meet me at the rivers end so we can dance.
Meet me at our secret place where a winters day turns into a endless summer night.
Mood: sweet
Poetry: yes

trueblue81 Why Not. May 7th, 2007 12:16:41 am - Subscribe
Why hide from the pain you caused.
Why lie and scream to the one you love.
Why scream in silence when there's someone here to listen.
Why not be honest with yourself and live with your feelings.
Mood: normal
Poetry: yes